Hot like hell

To my knowlege I have never been to hell. At least not in the residency aspect of hell. I’ve been to Vegas where it’s way to hot for life and it stinks like a dirty ass. I grew up without air conditioning in the balmy sub tropic regain of the midwest even. But that wasn’t even that bad. We had a lake to swim in and we took dips prolifically every summer. Ha! One summer I was so tan my brothers joked that I looked like a brown turd floating in the water. Brothers are good at grounding you I guess.

My experiance of this last week has been nothing sort of hellish, so to speak. A certain 4 year old which shall remain unnamed, took a liking to making the coolant line of our high efficiency air conditioner a trampoline. Snapped that puppy right in half and 12.7 lbs of freon blew out as easily as, well, physics. High pressure to low pressure equalization.

A few service people were called. We DID get some one here that same day. Yet an external part had to be was supposed to be here wednesday. Yet I sit here, in a near 90 degree house, listening to kids screaming, stomping feet moving from room to room and not knowing if I can distinguish between the liquid dripping from my face is sweet or tears. And still no part. Still hot as hell. Only the difference is every one is cranky and no one is sleeping well. My poison ivy is spreading and my back is swollen from setting in front of the fan on the stairs. (Cool air falls so the one fan we own is at the bottom of the stair well in attempts to keep cool air moving.)

What is the point of living in a country where everything is accessible, if it is not in fact accessable? I could be setting in some Caribbean hot spot, or perhaps a jungle on the other side of the world doing out reach and making a real difference in a larger sense. Yet I open my burning eyes to see I’m still here in central illinois’ drought/ heat wave.

I am fully awear that I have more at my finger tips than 90% of the world’s occupants. I will never diminish the plight, suffering and death that many of our earth souls are experiancing. I am just relaying how I feel, because what I feel is still valid and by God I need to let that out. I know there is purpose in the ‘suffering’. I know heat stroke will not take any of us. But good god, so much frustration when your house mechanics do not work and neither do the people you hired to fix it!

What is it that you need to let out? What are you hot over? I know I am not alone.