Let it Go Through You: A Step by Step Guide

A follow up to defunct shielding and protecting

So what in the world DO you do when you find out that shielding and protecting is a sham? Well after the crying, and re- balancing is complete, there are a few realizations that automatically take place. From a perspective that life is not happening TO you but FOR you, you only have to surrender. SO HARD! i get it! But stick with me. When you begin to transcend the victim mentality (that things are happening to you), you get a sense that you are in control of so very little in life. Yet that little sliver contains ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD. The portion that you can effect, is in fact YOU and your reactions and perspectives. Taking a skin in approach is the best and only way you can take control [READ: responsibility] and truly make life change in monuments ways.

1. First step to ANY of this is drop into your heart. Make that 10–12 inch journey from your brain to your heart. Live in your heart, breath into your heart, feel your heart beating and your chest rising and falling with each breath you take. This is your calm, this is your center. Nothing can harm you or hurt you here. PERIOD.

2. See the emotions within you as yours to work through. You are not, nor will you ever be a victim of another persons emotions. If the feelings are in you then they are yours to work through.

3. Emotion IS your master teacher. To learn from it you must drop the resistance. Release the need to identify ( as a mental process) and simply F.E.E.L.

4. Acknowledge that emotion is being triggered. A simple “I feel you emotion” Will do.

5. Accept that it is here in the divine right timing.

6. FEEL it to a sense of completion.

7. Release it in LOVE. Thank the emotion for showing up and let it go with a feeling and light of love.

These 7 steps, Particularly 4–7 when practiced with dedication come naturally and allow full feeling and complete release of anything that may come your way.

Let me know how this works for you, where you get stuck IF you get stuck and how I can support you. My inbox is ALWAYS open!

First published on DianeMarieAnder’s Blog Here