Moment by moment reality is created. Freewill is expressed with such intent that things are happening only because of it. We are thinking and feeling and weaving and making.

It’s like magic that is only mystical because we thought it was too good to be true. So as a whole, magic and mystical experiance was discredited and flung to the side. Then raped and murdered in the name of more practical things like religion, worship and drama.

But what if, for one small second, we looked at how truly mystical, magical and monumentous our world is. Sure pain exists, fear and death run rampant. Yet out of those moments we grow, expand and gain deeper understandings, most of which we would have never grown from on our own. What if we took out a moment and looked at how amazing it is that a soul can live in a body and that this body can feel, see and hear.

When we look around at our situations and current life circumstances, do we see wonder? Do you stand in amazement? Do you put your hand over your chest and feel the vibrancy of life? Or have the things of normal life dragged us down and made our actions less impact full, Less meaningful and numb.

What if, for one sliver in time we remember that we live in a place where all possibilities are possible. Where we think and something occurs and when we feel, our experience becomes worthwhile. What if for in this sliver in time, you speak with passion, craft your spells and let lose your ambitions. What if you let those things that are deep inside out? It will not destroy you, dear one! It will set you free! But is freedom to be feared? Is your true essence to be condemned and scorned? Or is it to beheld, strengthened and built upon.

In the moment that we do these things, we create life. We create something that is frightening because it is beyond current belief. But why don’t we believe it? Why is it that conscious creation is shunned and spoken against? Is it fear? Is it humiliation? Is it laziness? Maybe it’s is all of that wrapped into each and every one of our core beliefs. Maybe it is because we want deep experiances to come into our lives for purpose and reason, albeit beyond our current understanding. Maybe the reason why there is so much fear is because when we accept that we can create and maintain our reality, we are also taking responsibility for all of the negitive things that happen to us and to each other.

Maybe we just need to drop the PC facade and talk about it like wise innocent children. Maybe taking a child like look at how to respond to threats to our reality would couple well with the wisdom of our many years, hurts and struggles. How about this, if we can create, it is out of sheer passion and intent. It is out of the magic our our beings, the mystical stregnth of our spirits and out of the depth of our souls.

So let’s drop the charade that magic doesn’t work, that mystical experiance is evil and that we can’t create but only react.

Lets work in our energy, let’s experiance the waves and crests of the magic that is all around us. Let’s say the spells our hearts want to bring forward. Let’s stand in the mystery of our world, moving energy, experiancing feelings and creating our utpoia.

To trust the mystery is also to accept the magic.