We are all channels.

We are all mediums.

I have been reading the Law of One or The Ra Manuscripts. It started with a simple google search for optimum pyramid angels, material and usages. If I can recall it was in the 60th or so session that my search linked me to. As I read what the channeled group memory of a former 3d Venus entity (no joke), had to say in regards to the great pyramid in Egypt, a spark came through- ‘start from the begining and look for patterns.’ So I did just that.

I started at sesh 1. I didn’t see patterns untill session 15 or so. Yet when the patterns emerged I was delighted, my intuition was spot on and I was so happy for that external validation. So out came my trello and new boards, cards and topics were added, merged and saved. Many of the ‘revolations’ were infact confirmations of what I already believed *and* what original biblical text sites as well.

I am about a week in to reading the transcript of sessions and am around session 70 or so right now. The basic premise is that everything that was ever created is all one. All one being, all one thought, all one love, all one light. Evil/negative is one way souls can choose to act in service to the one creator. Positive/ service to others is another way. And this accounts for and accepts that there are 700 billion other ways of expressing and recieving and perceiving life in all its limited forms from the third density.

All this comes down to one thing.

What do you love? What is at the heart?

Each of us, 7 billion earth souls, has feelings and perspectives, inherited and absorbed ways we have brought in to our lives to try to get to the bottom of the heart/love thing. Yet at the end of the day we each want, NEED and desire one thing:

to love, to be loved and to experiance more love.

I have this crazy idea. This barbaric, irrational and completly understandable idea. What if the source of all the material, all the knowlege, all the unknowns in this world were infact made of light (cause quantum physics says so). What if this light came into focus because of a new awearness of self that produced LOVE. What if we are all people of ‘god’. After all, what is, is here because the creator loves. We are *all* beings of god or else we wouldn’t be here to experiance life on earth. What if we took that perfect creation, with all of its natural laws and unintended consequences and we lived like we are a spark of god. What if we all lived as if we are indeed a slice taken straight from the center of love.

What if I said to you: You, yes YOU, are indeed love incarnate. Your purpose in life is to be an expression of love, your purpose in your life is to be a channel for love. Not just any humanistic love though. You are an open flood gate of the very love that created all the mysteries of life, here in 3d and above, same as below. You are a medium of love for others in your life. The upmost honor in life is after all to love and be loved. The upmost duty in life is to share and show others love.

So yes, you are a medium in the fact that you can, will and DO channel love into our space time, our world and your life. You are an active channel for love to the people around you. This is no different than what others call channeling of a spirit or mediumship for a passed over loved one. Doing this work, doing *your* work is a labor of love. And a way to be of service to others in love.

So let’s stop the religious dogmatic perverbial line in the sand. Let’s stop dividing ourselves based on technicality or legalistic bull shit. Not all people are like you, infact zero others are like you. And I’m pretty sure, that is the original intention. We all bring something unique and lovely to this table we all call life. Let’s live in love and spread love the way only you and I can.