Why do Empaths attract narcissists?

Ok, stay with me. Look at this in a different way. There is this energy and its in a ball. On one side there is empathy on the other narcissist, think if it in a yen yang sort of way. Polar opposites, yet the same.

The reason why Empaths deal with nasrasists is because it is the same energetic Frequency on the inverse pathway. On a line it would be the opposite space, on a frequency- up and down movement crossing over a medium point, Empaths are on the positive peak, narcissist on the negative peak.

The reason Empaths can spot a narcissist from 10 thousand miles away is because the vibration is in the same family as what we are experiencing your personage or empathy.

We can recognize it because we *are* the same, just choosing to be the more positive expression of empathy.

Extra sensitive? So is a narcissist only they have every check and balance shut off. We are black and white and every shade in-between.

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