On Breastfeeding — My Body, My Choice
Mirah Curzer

OMG, as a successful breastfeeding mother and a breast feeding coordinator at the Hospital I worked at “Johns Hopkins Hospital”. This is a sick and ill informed article. We never pushed breastfeeding, just offered the proper ways to work it into your life. Family members, who made a mom who wanted to breastfeed, made some of their lives a hell. Proper and thinking coordinators realize that this is a choice that each mother has to make. We have been brainwashed by formula manufacturers since the 1930’s that bottles were best. There are many good reasons to breastfeed, it is ideally suited for babies. Cows milk is for calves. Yes many bottle babies do just fine and I have told moms, who have families actively shaming these thoughtful moms to give these babies real food. Well breast babies have a lower incidence of infections, obesity and a closeness to the mother that few understand. Yes the first few weeks of breastfeeding is a challenge, but proper instruction and support for these moms, does not create all of the dire results your few friends have reported. I have a family of breastfeedings, I was born in the rural south and had supportive and helpful relatives. This country has lost that. I now have a healthy happy 42 year old working daughter, who breastfed both of her children and actually lived through it. Please do not continue to spread unsubstantiated stories from some of your friends. This is irresponsible. Just refer to the Gates foundation about breast milk in third world countries, instead of your limited experiences. I have told moms who wanted to nurse their babies, that they had to weight the craziness of their friends and familys when persueing this course and not to breastfeed if it created too much agrivation to the mom. You have been listening to too many fairy stories.

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