Oh, snow…. is this a sign?

What was supposed to be a few fluffy inches of snow in Colorado Springs has turned into 8" of wet, limb breaking craziness. Although my car was saved (twice!), my internet cable, sadly, was not. I could not leave the house for hours — branches the size of cars were crashing into the street regularly.

So I was forced to slow down. There’s only so much I can do on my phone. It’s been super fast launching the first step of our app that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to just…. stop. That it’s OK to not answer emails this morning. That it’s OK to not be accessible for a moment.

At a coffee shop, channeling wifi and watching the sun finally peak through, I’m finally able to go back to “normal”. I don’t think the world stopped because I did. I think I can take a moment to just be.

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