Advice for people who don’t know how to interact with children

In theory, playing with a kid should be the easiest thing in the world. After all, there are no rules. There’s no script to follow. Don’t know what you’re doing? Just make it all up. In fact, making it all up is sort of the point.

And yet, as soon…

Reclaiming your inquisitive nature can make life better in a few critical ways

I have a three-year-old nephew who, like a lot of three-year-olds, asks a great deal of questions: Can you drive faster? What do plants eat? Why can’t we poop in the tub? Sure, it’s cute, even if it’s also a little exasperating. …

Diane Stopyra

Journalist writing and surfing in Cape May, NJ. Work in Runner’s World, Marie Claire, Salon, The Cut, and more. Reluctant tweeter at @dianestopyra.

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