About Hot Water Boilers and Its Maintenance

Hot water boilers have been prevalent since many years, and were used huge in both residential and commercial buildings. These boilers were not just used for heating water, but there were many other uses of it. They have since its inception proved to be an efficient source of heating which was not only capable of meeting consumer requirements, but also provided them water heating facilities the way they wanted.

Size of water boilers

These boilers are available in varied sizes and are often measured in terms of their capacity. For customers willing to purchase the boilers, they can purchase it from the range of 100 to 720 gallons. For individuals who are looking forward to heat a large part of area, they should opt for boilers with large capacity.

How do boilers work?

Boilers generally functions with gas or coal. For boilers that are installed at homes, gas is the source for them, while when these boilers are installed in large companies that coal is probably the right source to make boilers function efficiently. Today, variety of boilers are available in the market, however it depends on the end user as to which kind and type of boiler they would wish to use and get it installed at their place.

Purchase of water boilers

Individuals who have decided to purchase boilers and get them installed at their places, it is advisable for them to inquire on some of the basic questions and then take the final decision.

  • Is the boilers energy efficient and can help you save on gas/coal?
  • Is there any after service available for boilers in your area? You never know when any problem arises in the boiler which needs attention from technician?
  • What is the cost of boiler and if it is within your reach?
  • Is boiler capable of providing you return on investment i.e. the cost incurred on boiler should be less than the return of product?
  • Is the boiler efficient in providing sufficient heat to the area or to the complete unit?
  • Is the boiler capable of providing users with filtered water?

Once you have inquired on such questions, you are in the best position to make final purchase of the product which shall suit your requirement and also be capable of meeting your heating needs.

Maintenance of water boilers

Once purchase has been done, to ensure that these water boilers last for a long period of time they should be given adequate maintenance and care as mentioned below;

  • Routine checkup: It is advisable to get your boilers checked by professionals on routine basis. The frequency of checkups shall highly vary on your usage, and accordingly you can book annual, quarterly or two/three yearly maintenance package.
  • Self-checkups: Instead of approaching professionals for everything, you can also accomplish the task on your own. However before carrying out anything on your own, it is best to get the equipment checked with professional and get it ensured that no big problem is persisting in the system? Once you have confirmed on such fact, you are okay to perform activities like bleed air, pressure and regular cleaning.