Do’s and Don’ts of Mains-Fed Water Cooler in Office

Maintaining good quality water is most important requirement for most businesses and companies. Using plastic bottles is not feasible for large companies and multinational companies. In most cases, large companies try to deploy a bottled drinking water supply or choose a main’s fed water supply in office. Most companies opt for mains fed drinking water supplies because of so many benefits associated with its mechanism.

Mains fed are also known as point of access water dispenser in which water is directly pumped from main water supply. It is much more convenient way to provide drinking water for most companies and business organizations. A filled water bottle is not only heavy but also requires a large place to fit in. Bottled water also requires manual intervention or lifting to replace the bottle. On the other hand, mains fed water supply continuously draws water without requiring any manual intervention. It basically involves a dedicated filtering system which ensures water is properly filtered, tastes and smells better. Mains-fed water cooler option is also environment friendly since it doesn’t involve use of plastic water bottles so there are no chances of wastage. Even there is no requirement of engaging large workforce for mains fed. All you need to do is press the button and get tap water access. While there are so many benefits of using mains fed office water coolers, there is also down side associated with it. You need to use proper plumbing system with mains fed and if it is not plumbed in the right way then the complete mechanism may go wrong. Maintenance and cost of repairing of mains fed is also costlier compared to bottled supply.

Dos and Don’ts

Mains fed water cooler is delivered to most companies and organizations in order to get high quality drinking water without any trouble or much effort. However installing or maintaining mains-fed water supply is always challenging. There are certain simple guidelines associated with it so that it can give high quality water supply without much effort.


Prior to installation of mains-fed, your cooler must be sanitized and inspected in order to ensure that purity of water is properly maintained and water is dispensed in good manner. In order to check that the water coolers are maintained of high quality, there are certain guidelines and sanitation programmed that are specifically designed to ensure water quality is maintained. if the standards are not maintained then it could be possible that your water cooler may not get approved.

  • Ensure that the person maintain water coolers is aware about location of each dispenser
  • Make sure that the water filter is also changed every six month and inspected when required
  • Get details about water coolers installed and their dealer detail along with bill copy
  • After a period of non-usage, you must run the cooler to dump out 2 liters of water.


  • Never leave the cooler plugged in for power supply while dispensing water
  • Relocated cooler if required and plug it into water supply

It is important to note that water cooler is pumped from main power supply so it is important to take complete care of the machine.