When I was on the street or the shopping mall, I saw many girls with a nice body and looking healthy. How can they get this shape? Do they spend their time at the gym, going to the salon or doing meditation? If they do all of those efforts to keep healthy and beautiful, how can it possible for me to do the same?

When I wake up in the morning and look at my body in the mirror, I always wonder what are other girls doing in the morning? A few months ago, I was another version of myself who would wake up early in the morning but spend hours on social medias before going to work. Now, something has changed. Every morning, I do household tasks and short work out. Why do I work out? Am I really into ‘nice shape body dream’? No, I do not put much attention about how I look like. I just realized that I need to do something to keep my body fit. As most of the women think while growing, I will not be this fit and beautiful when I get older, so now is the time to put attention on my body and health.

I started doing pilates from last week. It is not easy to commit myself and consistently do it every morning. You guys exactly know, how difficult it is to wake up in the morning and motivate yourself to start doing something. Whenever laziness appeared, I encouraged myself by saying: this beautiful view from my rooftop is a bonus for me, how can I miss it out?

Guys, those are my little advices for you who are struggling to beat your lazziness down and want to start a new thing:

  • Recognise what you want to do in life, not because you mimic someone else. You want to do it and you love it? Do it now!
  • Find side things that can stimulate your dopamine and make you eager to do it. For me, pilates is a new thing. It was hard in the beginning since I never did any kind of sport in the past twenty years. I felt my body was crazy tired and stretching. I also did a mistake by doing pilates and running (along the street where many dogs were barking and catching up after me) in the same morning, I ended up with fall down and pass out (thank you to my boyfriend Thomas Despin who took care of me while I was having picnic in another dimension). I was about to give up when i woke up in the next morning and felt lazy to do pilates, then I remember that I love green view, watch over the farming field and see how people make their life, so I jumped out of my bed and grabbed my mattress. After a few days, my body is getting adjusted to do (short) workout and I feel really good to see myself win over my laziness and ‘trap minded’ about my body needs.
  • If you are tired or bored, take a rest and continue it tommorow. You are free to make yourself comfortable in this situation. Do you want to know what will I do after workout? Yeah, I will live in my instagram, even though not so many people are following my live on instagram but I feel comfortable to share my experience there to release my thoughts.

I learnt one thing whenever I found myself doing pilates and feeling the air on my rooftop: Life is a balance between nature and nurture, like our earth should do some crash to be homeostatic. It is not easy to start something which is out of your comfort zone, yet when you start doing it, you do it! We can compromise with our nurture, but our nature will not come twice. I think I’ll not spend the rest of my life by being ungrateful and missing out all of the beauty I have right now.

PS: I follow this Pilates YouTube tutorial. Enjoy!

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