How Not to Resign from Our Revolution

Well, I say it stinks and is very sad. These people resigned because they had a grievance and making that grievance public is very much their right. To say they’re “blabbing” sounds like hush hush BS to me. Transparency should be a component of the revolution too. I’m still too wigged out about Bernie campaigning for Clinton to even be involved with Bernie’s new group. I did my #DEMEXIT and have joined the Greens after all Clinton’s DNC have pulled. I will watch to see if the quitters were right and Bernie’s group gets co-opted by big money. I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen. On the issues, our revolution is for all of us including BernerDems and Greens and Independents and I will vote for progressives. Those candidates, like Bernie himself has done, will have to weather their own storms of corruption.

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