Prioritizing Economics is Crippling the U.S. Economy
James Allworth

Trump was put into office because he wasn’t a lifetime politician, he is a billionaire business man. The Trump supporters are highly emotional angry people who believe the government is cheating them. These people don’t research politics, they believe the words that Trump used to manipulate there decision. He appealed to them because he said he loved them, that he wasn’t a politician, that he would bring back jobs, drain the swamp, which they understood to be a force in taking over the corruption in government, and removing people from this country who don’t belong here, taking our jobs. The dangerous thing is on the surface the Trumpsters believe he’s keeping his word. Deeper into his administration, it’s evident that he is changing our government into a pseudo-corporation. People he has HIRED to head departments like DHH, EPA, Energy and others have either lobbied for corporations needing something or removal of regulations. He is allowing a waiver system which removes transparency and accountability. He is not allowing the public knowledge of how these Departments are leaning to work for corporate success over common economic equality. We need to pay attention and vote for removal of government overthrow by business corruption.