What an awesome day it was (Friday 7/10/2016). My mind was filled with a lot of expectations, trying to figure out what the Andela boot camp would turn out to be. Everything seemed to move fast as time elapsed. Indeed it was an awesome experience, an awakening call for me to get into the professional world of programming.

I gained a lot of knowledge, mostly on python programming language. The most interesting bit being the creation of unittests for the classes before beginning to code. This was a totally new concept that i had never had of before. I was excited to be enlightened about it.

Interacting with the GIT software was amazing too. This was my first time and I would frankly affirm that it wasn’t an easy concept to affirm at the first time it was introduced. I made sure before I left the Andela boot camp I had understood it. Guess what! This worked out. By the time I departed the Andela boot camp, I had understood it.

I was amazed at how the Andelans were interactive and all rounded. Their communication skills and their routine of exercising in the morning before proceeding with work. This was exceptional. The commitment of the group facilitators was also worth noting. The meals provided at lunch was delicious.

In a nut shell, it was an amazing experience. More so on the knowledge that I gained during the entire boot camp process. It made me desire to grow more and and get professional in the field of programming. I am working towards the realization of becoming a professional programmer, developing solutions to world problems.

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