The Silent “Hell” in I Wish You Well

To anygirl in this world.
We are born to be special. We are young, make your time. Seize your day. Go catch all of your dream, even the highest, don’t waste too much for sth that will break you down. You said you need a boy? Lol, we are independent enough to make ourselves happy.. I don’t say we have to be perfect or somewhat, but building an image that will you see as a pride in your future is an important point I think. Make a story you’d never regret. Falling doesn’t always mean failing, depends on how strong you are to face your fault. Be happy, don’t waste our mind and time for someone we don’t deserve. Don’t waste ourtime strolling for a guy in our youth. We will meet our prince in the right time, a guy who will understand everything you want to understand. A guy who will help you accelerate instead of degrading, a man who will be your cheerleader instead of being a-constantly-moaning-people, a lad who will direct you to the right place even it needs a bloody-struggle instead of asking you to waste your time. My mind had been hijacked with that gombal-thing-and-also-little-not-so-important-think-called-love , I thought that I would be happy then and now, but it turned into nightmare because I was so hoodoo and picked the wrong guys. I was fooled. But thanks to the-guy-who-has-fooled-me , you made me who I am.

Oh, hell

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