As a modern leader, you’ve banished control from your toolkit, so what are you left with? Your new job is to replace it with an environment that promotes innovation. A place that allows your teams to navigate a clear path toward a meaningful goal.

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Get it right and your teams will flourish. They’ll find flow: experimenting, failing, learning, discovering, making a breakthrough and releasing. Surfing the edge of chaos in a complex sea.

An innovative environment is built on 6 foundational elements. …

It’s killing your value

My work starts with listening, and the story I hear is often a tragedy. The business teams frustrate the development teams. The development team frustrate the business teams. A chasm forms where respect, understanding and trust withers. Crucial collaboration sinks into the void. Value creation slows…



Modern Software Teams are often given a high level of autonomy. Autonomy is a prerequisite for creativity and continual improvement. Without boundaries autonomy can lead to paralysis and inconsistent architecture.

The pattern is drawn from the following observations:

  1. Autonomy gives the feeling of freedom that drives us
  2. Autonomy…

Tom Howlett

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