As the Glass Falls, So Does America’s Hope

Hillary’s the nominee, what does this mean for the country?

I understand the logic behind the hype. I mean, Hillary is the first female nominee of a major political party for the highest office in America! But, is she really the right woman to have that title? Her policies will cripple America economically, militarily, and continue a rigged political system that has been upheld for decades.

By comparison to Secretary Clinton, there are numerous other women, Carly Fiorina included, that are more than adequate for POTUS. These are also women of notable achievement that haven’t taken part in dozens of crimes. This small fact aside, Hillary Clinton is still highly untrustworthy and can be viewed as a bystander when it comes to terrorism.

With her nomination, this officially shotgun starts the tooth-and-nail battle between the two major political parties. The debates are nearing us and the rhetoric is sure to be nothing short of unprecedented (at least for Mr. Trump). Bernie Sanders’ supporters are still up in arms about the Great Email Leak of 2016, and Clinton doesn’t seem to be able to do much to stop them. A nominee like her should be able to unite a party — not tear it apart — when what it needs most is to be on the same page. From a point of unity, I feel Mr. Sanders would’ve actually been a better candidate for the office. This way, the die-hard Democrats would still get their pick, even if they came from a Hilary supporting position.

Hillary “Rotten” Clinton may not be the best pick, but she’s certainly the most establishment the Democrats could choose. From my view, anyway, this will still be a great election to watch, but I wish that the fate of our nation didn’t hang in the balance. As the “Campaign of Fear” spreads across the nation, I do hope we can all agree: a vote not taken this November, is a person wasting a call to help a nation in need.

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