Some of the biggest brands in the world have changed their logo in 2019. Facebook, Zara, Volkswagen, Android, IKEA… With a variety of big and small logo changes, it’s time to take a look back. Here’s the top ten logo designs that were made in 2019.


You might use Slack…

Prada for Adidas

The word is out. Adidas and Prada are bringing out #PradaforAdidas: A pair of sneakers and a handbag. However, this collaboration is so much more than just a random mix of big brands. It’s a brilliant move and here’s why.

Adidas × Prada

Following in the footsteps of H&M × Karl Lagerfeld, Louis…

Modern days ask for modern solutions. As screens start to become both smaller and bigger, designers now use scalable logos that adapt to screen size; responsive logos. But what ancient Egyptian secret lies within this technique that can teach us something about our brand?

Shapeshifting identities

Modern websites already embrace the concept…

Have you ever heard marketeers or advertising agencies use the term ‘branding’? You probably have. But what does this simple, yet oh so vague, term mean? And why is it like a religion to many media specialists?

A mental picture

To find out why branding is so powerful, we need to understand the…

Daniël Diaz Brea

Brand Strategist at Dyseno

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