MTV Auditions: Why it was not a failure

Hello, everyone. It’s really appreciating to see that few people have started loving my ‘immature’ way of writing. Really thankful to you that you are still reading this very sentence even after reading the previous line :p

Yesterday was a very special day of my life. And I think it has got a lot to say about the way I live my life. (Maybe even you can get inspired from it! Who knows?)

Apart from being an engineering student and a data science nerd, I have a great passion towards music. I won’t say I am a good writer, there’s a lot of great personalities out there and I know I stand nowhere in that crowd. Getting back to the topic, my love for music is quite hereditary. But let’s not talk about it today (maybe some other day?? )

Usually, if I feel I am good at something, I try my best to get better reviews about it as it helps me to improve a lot. And talent hunt audition was my pick to fulfill this conspiracy of mine. After waiting for more than 3 months, finally, MTV held the audition in my city. This post is all about my journey of reaching the venue, the experience and not to forget, not getting shortlisted for the zonal rounds (& a short unexpected interaction with 2 college girls )

Venue name *undefined*

If you are a code-maniac like me, you would have probably got a bit of hint about what I am going to say. Every time you go for any audition, the happiest group of people are the Cab drivers. You get the shock when the shopkeeper sitting opposite to the college building doesn’t know the name of the college/venue. Let’s not get into the details for the sake of the length of this writing. Thanks to Google Maps, at least, it had helped me to get lost after being at a distance of 5 km from the venue. And surely, the Taxi driver as expected asked for more Rs. 100 in the name of helping me to find the venue. About the venue? A giant university campus in front of which only cows and calves are waiting to board the taxi.

Watchman: “We can’t allow you inside because we are still in our ‘NIGHT SHIFT’ “

How would you feel if you would have gone to a famous restaurant early in the evening to avoid peak hours rush and you get to know that not only the chef is yet to arrive but even the restaurant has not opened? Feel my pain

, that’s what happened with me. Nevertheless, after I had moved in, it took 4 hours more to start the registration process.

When it’s not your day at all…

After all these, I thought it might have ended, but to my surprise, because of being the 4th contestant and the unpreparedness of the organizing authority, I didn’t receive the goodie bag, certificate, t-shirt and… nothing actually. And guess what, they started giving the goodies and stuff from 5th Contestant onwards.

Not everything was bad

Eventually, I met an epic drummer. He started speaking with me (since I was the only contestant to reach even before the organizing crew) about his imported original YAMAHA drumset which he’s playing since last 26 years along with being a forensic department employee from Gov. of India. We spoke for about an hour and the discussion started from drums, touched guitar and ended on the note of Indian classical music. He shared with me that how he’s one of the rare drummer of the country who knows the Latin genre (which he had learnt by staying in Goa for the same purpose for 1 year).

Finally, the stage was set… Read more at MTV Auditions: Why it was not a failure

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