Chapter 2. Poetry:
On the Road

Someone once told me, its important
not to just be strong, but to feel strong,
to know something’s right in the very wrong,
to make the nights shorter, and the days long,
That’s what I feel,
When I’m on the road.

Sometimes my mind wanders, tells me my life
is but a distraction from what I really want to do,
all the crazy adventures I wanted to pursue,
climb the odd mountain, swim rivers old and new,
to not have a direction but to where the wind blew,
That’s what I feel,
When I’m on the road.

Sometimes my car hisses, crackles
and calls out my name,
“Hey you, its time to go, time to get off the gravy train”,
“Gas me up in Neverland, far away from all this money and fame”,
“Come, lets go its just you and me, things will never be the same”,
That’s what I hear,
When I’m on the road.

So I pickup my bag pack, grab
my passport and I go,
I think of dense forests, the Pacific sunset, the Colorado snow,
I see fog, dense clouds, misty hills, and the road below,
I shall drive, conquer my dreams, watch the sun fade, feel the night lights glow,
Because I want to feel this way,
I want to be, On The Road.