Chapter 3. Rantings

They say a lot of things. Those big guys wearing glasses standing in front of a microphone and a sold out audience. Those big guys staring into our soul with those big words in their big books. And some of them, they say fall. Fall on your face, fall on your back, fall with your heels near your head, fall with the purple sorry face of a 10 year old. But fall. And you know what? I agree with those big guys. No real success can come without failure. No real lessons can be learnt till we fall miserably. No real changes can come about, till we fail to get what we wanted. And this stands true for everything in life. No matter what.

So, what does it mean to fall in love? Well this is one kind of a fall which can never go wrong for you, it may seem like it is the hardest kind of fall, but really, it is the most liberating one. The grass is the greenest, once you fall in love. And it takes a lot to do it. It takes a lot of courage, a lot of faith, it needs one to lose all their inhibitions, it requires one to remove all the bricks from the stone wall they build around them all through their lives, to protect themselves. And you know why i say that the grass is greenest on the other side? That’s because once you fall in love, you have nothing to lose any more. You have given your most prized possession, your heart and soul, to someone else. You have lost it all. You have nothing more you could give away that belonged to you. It gives you freedom. And there is the joy I talk about. No matter if the other person loves you back or not, you are free. You have done something others take a lifetime to do. They say the richest people are the most paranoid. And that is true. Because the richest people have the most to lose. So, fall in love, let a nice person take a peek beneath your beautiful, beautiful soul. Be free, be excited, be the person who is bulletproof, be the person who will never regret losing anything any more, fall in love.

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