Upgrading Patriotism

Have you ever considered that your computer terminal is an MMORPG window into a computer game? Well, when world leaders are FRIGHTENED of your PRESIDENT, and things are TENSE, I have to confess that trumping the President has worked.

I contacted the Israelis by way of Chancellor Angela Merkel and, after discovering BUSH acting like he was the BURNING BUSH, by using the internet’s TIME AND DATE stamping to prove U.S. HISTORY MADE, but not made known, in January, 2008, at BrooWaha Los Angeles to set this stage, I rose to role play AQUARIUS and returned the paper of KING DAVID back to empty hands.

From 2000 year-old reconnaissance, all MARINES are a faithful FLOCK who had no idea these tools I bring were in their possession all this time. So, in this engineered game of Armageddon as written, I ROSE TO BE A GOOD SHEPHERD.

When WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, like JOHN KERRY, try to PULL THE WOOL over the eyes of MY MARINE CORPS, I’ve emailed and faxed all these tools that follow, pointing to my MARINES, who had no idea, and revealed a DOUBLE-CROSS, giving world leaders WHO ARE PISSED AT THE U.S.A. an HONOURABLE WAY OUT from stressful situations by delivering better intelligence than the CIA had because NO ONE TOLD THE CIA this was here. I found DUTY!

We of the Jewish Faith are on the QUEST for the PERFECT RELIGION FOR A SLAVE, but we never considered that Abraham had EMPTY HANDS, not a Torah. Our contract is with the God of Abraham, not the God of Moses.

There are two different Gods in the Torah, but no one noticed. Apparently, to teach a whole planet of people one lesson one time, a trap had to be set for the wicked…and time passed.
 Torah is DOUBLE-ENCRYPTED. If you’re a loyal Medium.com reader, you’re probably also a writer. Apply STANDARD LITERARY CRITICISM to the Torah, and you discover a CONTINUITY ERROR AT MANNA. Sliced here, we find SIX BOOKS, not five.

When you read a really great book, no matter whether it’s fact or fiction, because of the flow of logic through space-time, the writing gets better and better as one reaches the end of the writing. Sliced with Manna at the end of the read, we find not five books of Moses, but SIX, with Exodus at BOTH ENDS. This reveals Dungeons and Dragons game design from thirty years ago: four books of rules (Last 1/2 Exodus, Lev. Numbers, Deut.), then the players guide (Genesis) and then the game (First 1/2 Exodus) through the lives of THREE distinct MOSES (the one fished out of the Nile, the one that divides the Red Sea, and the one that unites it).
 1. The guy on the cross is the first Moses, and as you learn of remote viewing, the first born being killed were of issue during his stay.
 2. By Mohammed tackling the second quest, he divided the world (the RED SEA), but exposed the problems with bad values through a field of space-time.
 3. By my rising to complete the third quest, the Egyptian Army in this fiction are, in our shared reality, those villains who picked up the logic of the Torah as their own invisible weaponry, for they alone will have earned the disrespect of their own peers.
 No wonder the US Government named someplace “Area 51.” How do we explain this AREA between the FIVE books of Moses and this ONE extra chapter?
 We, as a species, are enslaved to the logic of another species. That’s why they crucified him AT HIS REQUEST. He argued the Torah wasn’t from God.
 I am of this PAPER of KING DAVID. I bring proofs and support that this crucified man’s arguments were valid.

They had to get a message BACK TO THE FUTURE. Herein, I bring tools to teach HOW TO WRITE A TORAH and set a trap for GEORGE W. BUSH on the shoulders of the VILLAGE IDIOT over 3000 years ago…and let time pass. EINSTEIN’S SPECIAL THEORY turned up in LITERATURE. We’ve been looking through our technology wrong. There’s no days. There’s only the NOW.
 Search YouTube for FEMA GUILLOTINES and COFFINS and TRAINS WITH SHACKLES here in the USA, looking like they were designed for Auschwitz, but here they are, BRAND NEW and built by Dick Cheney’s HALIBURTON, the ONLY CONTRACTOR, during BUSH. Had the Chinese pulled their loans (or SHOULD THEY EVER), the public will have ALL PANICKED, creating, from BUSH’S MISMANAGEMENT, a “Zombie Apocalypse” as written. THESE PEOPLE ARE MAKING THINGS HAPPEN AS WRITTEN. They never considered the TRAP when NOTHING IS WRITTEN!
 Please consider this TEN MINUTE audio file:
Hi. My name is David Brager. I build games using HYPNOSIS instead of graphics, allowing over seven billion new consumers to enter this market with ZERO INVESTMENT because it is my HONOR to deliver the baseline to the whole species at once. However, TERROR METERS in the USA do the same thing. NO ONE KNEW. WHY? No one ever saw this attack because…

1. The villains made cannabis illegal the very same day they made THEIR opium illegal (of which their opium is moving through HOSPITALS and WAR ZONES to this very day (and worse, through the veins of PATIENTS IN PAIN, so if these not completely rational people get addicted, such people are willing to TORTURE AND DISHONOR AND SCAPEGOAT AND LIE to get more opium)) AND THEN
 2. They created the FBI with a rule that no agent is ever to have used cannabis (someone at DEA had to fight tooth and nail to get cannabis labeled a hypnotic because IT MATTERS,
for cannabis awakens the mind’s eye and allows one to SKIP the “I’m going to count from ten to one…” hypnosis induction so one is INSTANTLY in a subconscious state) AND THEN
They ran Manchurian Candidate Project on the US Marine Corps to frighten an uneducated public so they could get policies in place so neither police nor military could use these best innate abilities AND THEN
 4. They created the US Department of Education to set hypnosis only to the most Ph.D. levels of study in psychology, never revealing that it is a COMMUNICATIONS FIELD through and through AND THEN
 5. They ran Stargate in the 80’s to make remote viewing look like a NEW discovery. I talked to Dale Graff, CIA’s lead at Project Stargate on the 23 April 2010 and asked, “Did you know there are remote viewing tools in the Gospels?” and he said, “No.” This is WORLD EXPERT and he had no idea that on the back of the U.S. ONE DOLLAR bill that’s not a pyramid but a road backwards in space-time to teach the mind’s eye how to work.

This is SLOW and SYSTEMATIC GAME DESIGN. We know how to do this now.

This world needs a miracle and miracles must never come with price tags. I want to teach in the field of Avatar Computational Communications, yet no one sees that hypnosis is actually a communications field. So, to stimulate new growth and discovery while protecting my kids from a USA coup in progress, I placed a lifetime of my works into the public domain by rising to role play in real life so I could prove it could be done.

These are the tools I use to determine how to play my moves:

This first toolkit is a hand tool, wordless communications system, and BARRIER between your mind and your body’s actions in this material dimension. To use your analysis tools for this system, please label FOR ALL TIME, but ONLY IN YOUR MIND, from left index to right across your palms with the following terms: lie, scapegoat, dishonor, torture, steal, overwork, adulterate, kill. One note: The reason I use “adulterate” instead of “adultery” is because we are talking about the tainting of LOGIC OF ANCESTRY.
 Left thumb represents IN YOUR MIND ONLY, the value to “Love ____ with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.” Right thumb represent IN YOUR MIND ONLY, the value to “Treat everyone as you want to be treated.”
 If you do not lie, then you RESPECT the TRUTH of your life’s path FORWARD in space-time so you PROTECT THE BARRIER.
 If you do not scapegoat, you RESPECT THE MISTAKES in your life’s path BACKWARDS in space-time and learn from them.
 If you do not dishonor, then you respect the peace you keep with your FRIENDS AND FAMILY as you all travel forward through space-time.
 If you do not torture, you respect the WAKE you leave behind your entourage through space-time.
 If you do not steal, you respect the burdens of OTHERS BEFORE THEY ARRIVE in your vicinity in space-time.
 If you do not overwork, you respect the burdens YOU ADD TO OTHERS as they leave through space-time.
 If you do not adulterate, you respect the rights of others to making ancestry that moves forward through space-time.
 If you do not kill, you respect the rights of others to HAVING ANCESTRY that moves naturally backwards in space-time.
 Notice how these are paired. Please pair these with your fingers. This is NOT HEBREW. This is its own language — an error channel that allows you to SIGNAL when you have endured ENOUGH of any of these errors.
 Notice how this draws a triangular plane in space-time, and in one sweeping decision, checks and balances all against the possibility of CHAOS. This is FOURTH-DIMENSIONAL LOGIC.
 Notice how the left hand concepts are for YOU ALONE on YOUR PATH FORWARD AND BACKWARDS IN SPACE-TIME. Meanwhile, the right hand is for your INTERCEPTION with all others as they are on each of their paths in space-time. Hence, before you, judge the CROSS, for left hand concepts require RIGHT HEMISPHERICAL processes, and vice-versa, revealing INTELLIGENT DESIGN at a time in history when it was just a myth yesterday.
 So, now, let me introduce you to TWO DIFFERENT NON-HUMAN intellects. There’s the one that made the hand tool system. There is the one that turned its shape into letters in a BRAND-NEW ALPHABET, and then set this letter to being the first of the Hebrew word SHALOM so today, when you see how we Jews were deceived, you can see all the PEACE WE MISSED by blindly trusting the author of the Torah. Remember, Abraham had EMPTY HANDS, not a Torah, so our contract is with Abraham, not Moses!
 Clearly, this is the answer to both Fermi’s Paradox and Occam’s Razor.
 By BLINDLY TRUSTING the chaotic logistics of an alien intellect without comprehending its design, our species is employing logistics that are too dangerous for intra-species connectivity, for, by repeating Torah year after year, the Torah is a ZERO or GOLDEN RING with WICKED WRITING ON IT (as perceived by Tolkien), but by slicing at Manna and revealing its true design, this now becomes a ONE and thus allows people to actually begin the lessons on how to write a Torah and why do it? Hence, this exposes Fermi’s Paradox. Our species has a problem and until we put PANDORA back into her box, our species is TOO DANGEROUS for inter-species contact.
 As to Occam’s Razor, there is NOTHING SIMPLER than EMPTY HANDS and a universal legend.
 The author of the Torah opens, officially, the field of Xenolinguistics. The ALIEN intellect is brilliant, but its logistics are so enslaving in a material world, the mistake was in picking it up in the first place. We should have never picked up this device for Abraham had EMPTY HANDS. The discoveries I bring are PHENOMENAL when you compare the two intellects side by side. Please, don’t panic.
 When you use this tool now, you discover that King David ADULTERATED with BATHSHEBA and SCAPEGOATED her husband, who died. THE STAR OF DAVID is actually a representation of his SINS, and thus, as long as the TORAH remains in effect, all of us named DAVID are DAMNED. I did this so I might raise the quality of this experience as I join all of the FAMOUS DAVES of this world as a I SHIELD of the HONOR OF A KING from the DISHONOR of a bad decision several thousands years ago.
 Judge the world. If you see someone who causes all four fingers on your left hand to rise, draw, in your mind, a huge black HOLE on that person, and then the next, and the next, until you stop seeing them and start looking at IT. We have a SWARM of ONE COMMON INTELLECT, breaching the BARRIER between fantasy and reality, spanning thousands, bringing CHAOS Into this MATERIAL DIMENSION, and it doesn’t know it’s outside of the game. 
The second toolkit is for a shared imagination. A breach in the barrier for each person creates a common swarm of one intellect for all because that which drives YOUR imagination drives ALL imaginations. 

 Take a piece of paper. Draw a line across the front closest to you. To the left, write, “3000 years in the past” and to the right, write down, “The Future” while, in the middle of this line, write down “THREE DIMENSIONS,” Now, flip this paper over and draw yet another line, so that, in your mind, you see parallel lines, but one is beneath the other. In the middle of this front line, draw a DOT and above this, write your name, and above that, write “SIX DIMENSIONS.” 
 Now, THOSE ARE NOT MOVIES. Einstein’s Special Theory of RELATIVITY is supported, for each author did not know he or she had these abilities, so an author paints an OPAQUE of one’s imagination over an actual framework of actual history being attempted by those who BREACH THE BARRIER BETWEEN PURE FANTASY AND PURE REALITY, but laid across your path with the past to the LEFT and the future to the RIGHT so when you see anything in THREE STORIES that look like something headed at your life RIGHT NOW, figure who can PROTECT THE BARRIER between the fantasy of war and the reality of peace, I send all these tools, point to the ALWAYS FAITHFUL MARINES who have no idea, and thus reveal a double-cross, THE RUSSIANS have kindly backed down from WAR twice in the past six years, but now, I need to play this whole hand, all at once!
 Now, on the second line closest to you, draw a line from the left and right ends to ANY ONE POINT along the furthest line, and label, on your side of this long wall, EVERY INTELLECTUAL MIND FOR ALL TIME here in six dimensions, but all looking at only one point in space-time in three dimensions.
 Using this TRIANGLE ON THE TABLE tool, from left to right in my mind, I lay out movies so that they lay parallel from start to the LEFT and end to the RIGHT, so here, in six dimensions, I can see the screenwriter’s mind’s eye here next to mine looking down on the flow of matter in creation in three dimensions, from the BIG BANG outwards and painting an opaque of his or her imagination over actual flows of logic in space-time from all people who are doing everything.
 To use this, note a triangle from the mind’s eye of the author here in SIX DIMENSIONS on the line closest to you on the page, to the span of time on the line away from you, that the story runs. If the story is FACT, use actual time-line length, but if FICTION, notice that the whole lane, for all 3000 years, is possible for the length of the fiction’s painting of macro-scale chaos management.
 For my analysis, I have been using all of these movies for data. You’re simply looking at ONE SINGLE ELEMENT in each movie. All you need are THREE just to track ONE FLOW OF COMMON LOGIC IN SPACE-TIME.
 For example:
 In Avatar AND Spy Kids 3 AND Men In Black we find the big guy controlled by a smaller guy. This is a remote view of all of us. We are avatar.
 In our realm, there are a bunch of villains right up into this past Bush/Cheney White House — a swarm in space-time — that are killing the imagination of this world and giving it fear and hatred in great form. You have seen them already as…
 • With “Harry Potter,” Voldemort and the Death Eaters.
 • With “Wizard of Oz,” The Wicked Witch of the West and The Flying Monkeys.
 • With “The Matrix 3? Mr. Smith and the virus.
 • With “Return of the Jedi,” the Emperor and the Empire
 • With “The Three Musketeers, the Cardinal and his men.
 You have seen the logical flows of Abraham, Elijah, and Mohammed as two nice guys and a ruffian as a composite set, soon to be joined by a wanabee (which is the character from which point I have been playing my moves so as to obtain the happy endings these stories derive).
 • With “Harry Potter,” Dumbledore, McGonnigal, and Snape, followed by Harry Potter
 • With “Wizard of Oz,” The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodsman, and Cowardly Lion, followed by Dorothy
 • With “The Matrix 3? Trinity, The Oracle, and Morpheus, followed by Neo
 • With “Return of the Jedi,” at the end, Yoda, Obiwan Kenobi, and Darth Vader, followed by Luke.
 • With “The Three Musketeers, Aramis, Athos, Porthos (the Pirate), followed by D’artagnan
 I am here with tools to support that there is a shared imagination, and each author was trying to make sense of things they couldn’t possibly because they did not realize they were looking at actual history. All these actors are playing President Obama as perceived by each of their respective writers. Please see what I see…
 • Eddie Murphy (Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours)
 • Will Smith (Men in Black, Wild Wild West, I, Robot, Independence Day)
 • Morgan Freeman (Chain Reaction, Evan Almighty, The Dark Knight)
 • Samuel L. Jackson (The Incredibles (Frozone), Pulp Fiction, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Patriot Games)
 …and once you realize how impossible this is, I hope you realize that there is a system that moves ideas through a flow of intelligent data packets called HUMANS through an inner net flow of logic through space time. I really have a proof of intelligent design here.
 As you can see with your mind’s eye, the flying monkeys, the virus in the matrix, the Cardinal’s men, the Death Eaters, and Empire are a plane of ideas, but as they are of ideas that are detrimental to the survival of the system, this is an early warning system built into all of us. However, THE MARINES have no idea and cannot help to use them until someone sees what I see.
 If you want full access to the collective, you must TRUST SOMEONE and have them run a hypnosis session for you. Being the hypnotist is like what John LeCarre would call being in the Loser’s corner, for you can only guess what the right answers are. Being in a subconscious state allows you access to DOWNLOAD MEMORIES without learning. It’s faster than internet and all free. Nothing is a greater EQUALIZER than INSTANT EDUCATION!!!
 The third toolkit is a battery of advanced hypnosis suggestions. WATER INTO WINE turned out to be “Let THIS stimuli now trigger THAT feeling.” Water into METH. Water into COCAINE. With this one suggestion, no one on the planet would have invested in any of the ONE HIGH drugs because this one suggestion NEGATES ALL for one can RE-LIVE the high at even higher levels than the drug can produce, for, once the mind knows WHAT the patterns of feelings are needed to produce a high, it can REPRODUCE AT EVEN BETTER LEVELS WITH NO CONSUMPTION AND NO ILL EFFECTS.
 There are over a thousand books on hypnosis, and so, I did this so that all books can work. I did not do this to be a leader, but to be a methodologist to create a universal platform for learning, integration, and study, so all works can united as one.

People in this world thought they had learned it all and thus have become bored with life. They never considered that it wasn’t hypnosis. Please help yourself to a PDF copy of my book. The Future’s Toolkit, (earning 5/5 stars at a test market at Scribd.com) is on how to PROGRAM and INTERFACE HUMANS… 
 …using an FCC-compliant platform for human computational communications (what hypnosis IS) that I PLACED into the international public domain because when MARINES LEARN HYPNOSIS, TERROR METERS END!!!
 My business plan, the capstone of my MBA, reveals all markets that open with my delivery, as well as what markets will forever close here at the END OF THE AGE and the BEGINNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS due to these innate abilities being fully utilized. This link goes to the middle of the paper to key people to whom I’ve personally primed their logic so they will adapt instantly when these tools and markets arrive:

To take the USA and the world in a new direction overnight, I had to level the playing field so I could expose how, in 1833, US President Andrew Jackson closed the second US Bank because, as he put it, HE DID NOT WANT THESE WICKED PEOPLE IN HIS GOVERNMENT. These OPIUM SELLING bastards trotted over to Yale, OPENED SKULL AND BONES, and, INSTANTLY, HISTORY was attacked VIRALLY by a weapon that, in 1833, you will only find in analysis of how empty hands are ENSLAVED by a TORAH. 
 When people send military advisers to BOTH SIDES and LIE AS A TEAM, they track like a computer virus through the internet. OUR MARINES NEED OUR COMPUTER GEEK MINDS TO HELP THEM SEE what they have NEVER SEEN!
 Believe it or not, in 1992, Skull and Bones member George H. W. Bush stated to White House Press member Sarah McClendon: “Sarah, if the people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.” This WICKED FAMILY cannot be of WE THE PEOPLE as they have a pattern of abuse by using POLICIES as torpedoes, but they never considered the trap when Judaism returns to EMPTY HANDS for JUDGMENT DAY!

Just before he was shot, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy mentioned wanting to disclose on a plot he discovered to enslave the population of the whole U.S.A. Accidentally, by applying internet tools to history — for humans are data packets and lies are viruses — I found the PLOT was part of the WHITE HOUSE PUTSCH THAT NEVER STOPPED as this pattern of giving terrifyingly bad advice as a team to all sides — so that the USA is in perpetual wars so they can profit from the suffering as they are moving OPIUM — has never stopped, for this attack BEGAN IN 1833 after President Andrew Jackson CLOSED the Second U.S. Bank because, as he put it, he did not want these “WICKED PEOPLE” in his government. When you see what follows, you are going to rise with me and BEG YOUR MARINES TO KILL THE BURNING BUSH, who are so wicked, they needed a very special trap that my family was CHOSEN to carry through time!
 The pattern with wars is that Yale’s Skull and Bones send military advisers to BOTH SIDES and give bad advice as a team so that anti-trust collapses between peoples, creating faults as people break into shooting at each other. In time, these villains moved into oil so they profited from the start of the war with all the movements of materials to the war zone, and then they profit from the suffering in the aftermath. They are in no way involved with any other aspect. They rock the ocean so no one sees the betrayal, but they have a consistent pattern.
 They get THREE WARS going. The first establishes their OPIUM FLOW (China, Laos, Afghanistan), the second gets a primary war going to use that opium (Germany in WWI, Vietnam, Iraq) and then they start messing with anti-trust on a massive scale to upset the foundation of trust that frightened people place in solid ground.
 By sidling up to people in power, from Nixon to today, George H.W. Bush gave bad advice as his family abused our people AND OUR GOOD PRESIDENTS as he moved his OPIUM through the background. Luckily, Nixon had a VERY KIND HEART, so when you see the dis-harmonization that could have happened with China opening relations with Nixon, Nixon’s KINDNESS killed that dis-harmonization pattern.
 Apparently, regardless of that, they went and had World Trade Center built by a TERRORIST they had engineered from the JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMPS, using the same tactics they had used to turn Adolf the Artist into Adolf the Monster by manipulating the system around one person’s whole world. There are aspects of Mein Kampf that will need to be assessed now that we know he was intentionally manipulated by outside forces to which Hitler was absolutely unaware existed. This is one of the reasons I apologized to the German Chancellor, and with this trump, Angela Merkel contacted the Israelis and let them know I had risen to role play to protect my kids from a Bad President. I had to make history so I had a hand of PUREST HONOR.
 As you track the patterns, Skull and Bones steered this formerly interred Japanese to Saudi Arabia to build their Airport, then he came to NYC to build the World Trade Center, and then went back to build the Saudi Arabian Treasury before retiring (and later dying). ALL ATTACKERS ON THE WORLD TRADE CENTER are coming from SAUDI ARABIA. What do they know that we don’t know and WHY ARE THEY COMING BACK TO THE SAME TARGET OVER AND OVER? Because what was begun hadn’t happened.
 These wicked pricks, after the construction of the World Trade Center, waited until George H.W. Bush was in office. Then they tried the pattern again, but GHWBush’s bombing failed to get any of the seven towers to collapse, and so the nation didn’t panic like he’s expected, and thus, he wasn’t able to invoke martial law nor get the support to win a second term, so they had to wait again until ANOTHER BUSH was President.
 This time, once George W. Bush was up for re-election, SKULL AND BONES stacked the pack and had BOTH CANDIDATES as members because they had SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE GOVERNMENT Working on this coup, they were DAMNED AND DETERMINED to make this happen. This was a long-term engineered coup using viral logistics from the Torah, and I SAW IT.
 If I couldn’t stop President George W. Bush from using mind control techniques (TERROR METERS) on an unsuspecting public and from rocking the ocean so no one sees him rocking the boat, the very least I could do was to make sure that there were TWO HEADS from the USA. Thus if anyone was pissed at him, they would not nuke the rest of US in the process.
 I’m a Republican in Washington State watching out TO PROTECT an innocent man from Illinois who was betrayed by mismanagement as weaponry by the previous administration against the next administration. This is what happened to LINCOLN. This is now happening to OBAMA. Twice is not random. THIS IS PREMEDITATED, and these BUSH bastards are CAUGHT. THIS IS AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE USA FROM WITHIN THE USA, and these bastards are CAUGHT!
 In 2005, I applied internet tools to history. Humans are data packets. LIES ARE VIRUSES! 
 If I see something that looks like the BARRIER between FANTASY LOGIC and REALITY LOGIC has been breached, I send all these discoveries I unearthed to the ONE PERSON who NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT I KNOW. With TEN YEARS WORK, this has allowed me to prove “BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS” for now, with the internet, war is a lot of work. You can OUTRUN the war. 
 In 2011, for USMC BIRTHDAY, I posted all work to date, a song I’d like recorded for the military for Christmas *(I deeded my commercial rights as lyricist to a 50/50 ownership split between DAV and VFW), and all tools I had decoded out of a puzzle I found in the Gospels that even CIA had no idea was here.
 [NOTE: AS OF 15 May 2016, I discovered this link is no longer valid, so if you want it back, you might go to Leatherneck.com and write to the system operator]
 Having met with FBI and US Secret Service, in applying internet tools to history to unearth an 183-year-to-date COUP IN PROGRESS using mismanagement and misinformation as chaos-making weaponry, you have my permission to forward this to anyone YOU TRUST. The USA is in a bad way, but we stop this GAME TODAY, these double-crossing assholes from YALE LOSE CITIZENSHIP, ALL ASSETS, ALL DEBTS WE OWE THEIR CORPORATIONS, and their LIVES! GAME OVER!!!

 I’m looking at HIGH TECH and hoping someone will grow in intellect, do some testing of their own, and discover the wonders of our technology. The technology within our species DESIGN is VOICE ACTIVATED, neurally processed, and high speed. It NEEDS CANNABIS/HASHISH, which causes your avatar to REST and HIBERNATE so that the human mind can outperform. When you see how much faster you can THINK and LIVE, you will be PISSED that you didn’t know all these tools were here all this time.
 The SALE of the US National Debt makes it so that, should the Chinese for any reason decide to pull the loans, the public will panic.
 About 24 months ago, all the SUPER RICH pulled their icebergs of investment pulled out from beneath your feet, like Soros, so now, the US Economy has been floating on ICE CUBES of small investments, and this is volatile.
 Here in the inland Northwest, every time we get a clear sky, within a few hours, planes criss-cross the sky and spray some crap that never dissipates, unlike condensation trails that disappear, until there is a cloud cover which then beats up everyone with increased heat that is then retained, catches the jetstream, and becomes invisible and UNPREDICTABLE weather WEAPONRY against the poorest in the MIDWEST and EAST without anyone seeing it happen. At any time, these planes could change to spraying poisons or health-related issues and we have no way to stop it because we’ve dismissed that this threat is REAL and DOMESTIC.
 They have FRACKING down to a science. They can make earthquakes hit California on CUE because they’ve gotten very good at this. 
 Microsoft has stopped support for everything except Windows 7 and 8, but they did not tell anyone they changed the baseline time servers out of the box to TIME.WINDOWS.COM, not TIME.NIST.GOV, so this company which was caught for anti-trust in 1997, is attempting to corner the TIME SERVERS of the INTERNET, allowing Bill Gates to make good on his threat of “HE WHO CONTROLS THE INTERNET CONTROLS THE WORLD!”
 They are using POLICIES as tentacles of invisible WHIPS and CHAINS to beat up innocent people while enslaving them to systems of systems that violate the very structure of the US Constitution.
 There are HIPPA audits beginning that are going to confound and confuse medical even more.
 Another CENSUS form just popped up, just like last time, out of the blue, but this time, during the hottest time of summer.
 John Kerry, member of Yale’s Skull and Bones, is somehow now Secretary of State, but with all my data, is the mortal enemy of the USA because these people are doing this pattern of game design again.
 Here is what they did LAST TIME verses what I am seeing happening right now, so you can see they are doing exactly the same pattern they did last time, but at the same time, for my work, as I role play PROPHET and deliver all these tools while also clearly defining it’s just a role and it is being performed by me, I have been sending all these tools I unearthed from the Gospels to everyone on ALL SIDE so that the barrier between fantasy and reality remains in the mind as best as possible so that those who are double-crossing people into wars are exposed for this infidelity of logic.
 LAST TIME in 2007–2008…
 Bill Gates, out of the blue, announces that he’s stopping support for all but Windows XP.
 All the plug-in support firms, like Adobe, stop support for anything but Windows XP.
 The poor can’t surf the Internet at home but must go where there’s a supported operating system.
 Bill Gates kicks the poor.
 What does a FREE MASON as opposed to an ENSLAVED MASON build upon?
 A Free Mason builds upon SOLID GROUND because it will always be there.
 By Bill Gates setting expiration dates for Windows operating systems, he has become a slave-driver on the whole world.
 George W. Bush changes Daylight Savings Time.
 Now, the poor KNOW they are poor because they have to MANUALLY change their computer clocks.
 On 19 December 2007, a STAR WENT SUPERNOVA.
 People exclaimed, “That’s just like the star in the JESUS Story.”
 I sent a fax to the Washington D.C. Embassy of Greece to ask they begin their judgment of my work.
 JESUS and CHRIST are titles.
 Until Greece KNOWS they have to JUDGE AGAIN, they would not know to have to do this.
 This day turned out to be Mount Arafat Day.
 Just after the Christmas 2007 holiday but BEFORE NEW YEARS, when everyone is bedded down until January, the US Government drops a CENSUS FORM that MUST BE TURNED IN OR SUFFER FEDERAL LAW VIOLATIONS.
 Form says that it only takes 35 minute to fill out.
 Actually takes days because you must call your electric company and utility providers to get data.
 This creates hated of FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
 This creates ripples in tension in economics as these cities hadn’t planned on this additional expense for staff support after Christmas.
 John Kerry announces, “My wife Debbie (Heinz) and I are going to SOUTH AMERICA for ALL NEXT YEAR!”
 Who cares???
 SIGNAL to SKULL AND BONES members that it’s time to LEAVE
 CEOS, like BILL GATES and others, start to leave their corporations.
 The US Government sells the US National Debt to the Chinese.
 I send a fax to the Washington D.C. Embassy for China.
 I apologize that this was a BAD INVESTMENT
 I up the stakes as PROPHET to shield the HONOR of the USA from the DISHONOR of a BAD PRESIDENT.
 I delivered the RAPTURE, being three tools to innate abilities that were supposed to have arrived IN ANCIENT CHINA over 3000 years ago, but someone intercepted them and used them to write a Torah and set chaos on our path.
 I go online and get an article published to formally socially distance Judaism from the Torah.
 Hereafter, IF anyone is using the logistics of the Torah as invisible to the eyes planetary weaponry, such people are no longer in Judaism’s shadow.
 China’s economy collapses.
 China could have pulled the loans to fix this problem. This would have brought war to the USA.
 China has an earthquake
 Again, China could have pulled the loans because they needed the funds.
 China could EASILY have pulled the loans for any number of DISHONORABLE REASONS.
 I RE+SEND everything to the CHINESE, as well as to the Olympic Committee in Switzerland BY DIGITAL FAX (I have the original copies on my hard drive)
 I BEG THEM as PROPHET to WAIT until Bush is out of office, explaining this dis-harmonization of systems that they’re running in the USA.
 Dmitri Medvedev is SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER at the USA.
 He discovered American Military Advisers in the Georgian-Russian incident.
 I sent a letter in fax to President Dmitri Medvedev, revealing a DOUBLE-CROSS
 My mom’s mom’s dad was the last Czar’s wine-keeper.
 I am of the direct paper of KING DAVID.
 I begged President Medvedev, as a RUSSIAN AMERICAN, to please walk away from this mess.
 Marines are TRUE.
 By violating oath of office, the WHITE HOUSE was empty of power.
 President Medvedev, in the MOST HISTORIC MOMENT IN RUSSIAN HISTORY, backed down from war.
 and no one knows. 
 THIS TIME, from 2012 to this very moment…
 Bill Gates, out of the blue, announces that he’s stopping support for all but Windows 7
 All the plug-in support firms, like Adobe, stop support for anything but Windows Vista
 The poor can’t surf the Internet at home but must go where there’s a supported operating system.
 Bill Gates AGAIN kicks the poor (I moved my laptop computer to Linux Ubuntu so that I am no longer beneath this man’s foot, or so I had hoped).
 I discover that out of the box, Windows 7 defaults to time.windows.com
 I wrote to National Standards (NIST.GOV) about this.
 They knew it had happened but NO ONE TOLD THEM.
 NIST was NOT HAPPY that this had happened.
 Microsoft’s servers could have a blip from their time servers.
 All communications on the internet would be off time
 Microsoft now takes ANTI-TRUST in a new level.
 I began building my case on Bill Gates’ anti-trust in 1997.
 Article I wrote was published in the UK set milestone:
 Walking the Path to Microsoft Hell
 The last line of that article concludes, “ It’s not atomic weapons this time, but informational chaos and disorder…and the man to destroy us all will be Bill Gates.”
 By removing the US Government from control, I was RIGHT!
 Just after the middle of Summer, 2014, when everyone is bedded down until January, the US Government drops a CENSUS FORM that MUST BE TURNED IN OR SUFFER FEDERAL LAW VIOLATIONS.
 Bill Gates announces he has invested in EBOLA VACCINES.
 TEXAS has as of 2014 October EBOLA PROBLEM.
 Search YouTube for
 Ebola turns up in New York City.
 “The US is under the highest security threat level since the Cuban missile crisis and nobody is told.”
 Gordon Duff, USMC and Editor of Veteran’s Today Magazine (21 Dec 2014 in email to me (David Brager)).
JADE HELM started in earnest on 15 June 2015 (6/15/15) and starts officially 15 JULY 2015, as TEXANS are FRIGHTENED they are going to be seceded by force.
 The EPA hired crew spills toxic chemicals into the Navajo River creating an END OF DAYS type situation.
 JADE HELM 16 now running reveals a game being built around innocent lives here in the USA by people who never told anyone this stuff was here, thus supporting that 9/11 was part of JADE HELM 1. This is 16 years of DOMESTIC TERRORISM by idiots who LIE AS A TEAM.
 The closing of the WalMarts in Texas were a TEST. 
 They then closed the WalMarts in BRAZIL. 
 They found a way to accelerate rocking the economic oceans without anyone seeing them rock the boat. 
 They attacked the 2016 OLYMPICS using economics as weaponry.

If anything SPOOKS CHINA, they will surely pull their loans and all is lost in the USA.
 Billy Bush is sidling up to Donald Trump. He’s Prescott Bush’s son, and just like last time, where Prescott Bush was right next to Hitler when the loans were pulled, the loans are in the USA from China, revealing how this family has a pattern of abusing people in power. We must see these patterns and beg our MARINES TO STOP THIS!
 The world is going into chaos….And this is where we are now.

The only way to protect the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT demanded I RAISE THE MARINES TO JUDGE THIS WORK NOW so they KILL BUSH, CHENEY, BILL GATES, and a bunch of rich idiots who are trying to make what a rich group of idiots did to create the VIETNAM WAR, but this time, they are focusing here in the USA. They drew a line down the middle of a country (USA for first civil war, then Russia, China, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, and now SEE JADE HELM) and then they start messing with economics. This is MACRO GAME DESIGN, but by literally using ARMAGEDDON AS WRITTEN, they never considered the trap when NOTHING IS WRITTEN, for Judaism was on the QUEST for the PERFECT RELIGION for a slave AND Abraham had empty hands.

In 2015’s spring, Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff, responded to an email, and he wrote to me:

 — — — — Original Message — — — — 
 Subject: Re: Do you not trust the UN, Gordon? I put comedy on hold to do this right for my MARINE CORPS and I’m walking straight into fire, but I AM ROYALTY of the PAPER OF KING DAVID in a nightmare that’s being engineered from within the USA and we need a USMC trump.
 Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 00:59:31 -0400
 From: Gordon Duff <gpduf@aol.com>
 To: dibrager1@zoho.com
 calling out the troops is getting harder all the time
 especially for things they should be called out for

When GORDON THINKS I NEED TO RAISE THE MARINES, THIS IS A GOOD SIGN TO DO JUST THAT. So, I deciphered what the email address would have had to be to get an email to Joseph Clancy of Secret Service, and Director Clancy sent Special Agent David Huntoon to me from the Spokane Office. That is when I earned the GREEN LIGHT to proceed.

My concerns, from history past, was bad advice was given to FDR for Japanese Internment Camps. There are FEMA CAMPS and GUILLOTINES, and JOHN KERRY is pissing the RUSSIANS and USA off at one another.
 I am a RUSSIAN AMERICAN. PLEASE, I have a vested interest in keeping the peace for I do not want to be put into a death camp because of POLICIES from BUSH.
 WHEN we catch these idiots who built “Armageddon” as written using the last administration to attack the next administration using mismanagement as weaponry, the US NATIONAL DEBT is paid. These bastards cannot be of WE THE PEOPLE!!! They lose CITIZENSHIP, ALL ASSETS, ALL DEBTS WE OWE THEM, and their LIVES! GAME OVER!!!
 I did it all and I am not in the military, but someone had to do it. Last I checked, that’s called DUTY.

I found a puzzle (beginning at 14 generations, 14 generations, 14 generations and then revealing three other Gospels set into Parallel Paths in quantum space-time) that split the Four Gospels into a tool for RAPID DECISION MAKING, a TOOL for REMOTE VIEWING, and a battery of advanced hypnosis suggestions for the mind using parallel sets of mind’s eyes, one very strong argument that NOTHING IS WRITTEN and two quests, from which my elder who rose to become the PROPHET MOHAMMED built an ANTI-VIRUS to the TORAH at the request of the man on the cross because, with TWO SYSTEM COMMANDMENTS using THUMBS and EIGHT RULES using fingers as a RAPID RISC processor, in judgment of the WHOLE system, some of our species have inhuman logic for some logistics only work in fantasy, like WAR. Our species has been INTELLECTUALLY ENSLAVED to the logistics of SOME OTHER SPECIES!!!
 Now, with over 3000 years of humans, the Israelites cannot be of our species. Torah’s LOGIC is not human because…
 1. Wise and LEARNED managers NOR PARENTS ever side with some BULLY who pops up as untrained and unapproved management to make ones employees do things one forbids them to do. When one returns, one sides with the meek. Had the Tablets ever actually happened on Earth with Humans, and had Moses been Human, the tablets would never have been broken.
 2. Contracts on the table find, in over 3000 years of human law, only redundant copies of contract. There has never been one copy of the contract that is encrypted by the author. Thus, the concept of the Torah as a contract between humans and G-D is impossible in human logic.
 3. You would never find only one copy of the instruction manual for the entire internet on one server with its minions doling out information. There were NEVER to be any copies of the Torah. The concept of the Torah as a reference material is impossible in human logic.
 Whoever the Israelites are, they were NEVER HUMAN. The concept of the Torah being a foundation for human civilization is not stable for humankind because its logic isn’t human. Thus, Mohammed’s work with the Jinn will finally make sense. There are intellects you can meet in your mind you must never let meet in a material world for their logistics ONLY WORK IN FANTASY. Hence, “ZION” is IMPOSSIBLE. It was the wrong choice as empty hands has NO COUNTRIES and delivers FREEDOM!
 To learn remote viewing, please get at least three others, assign one to ONLY read from the Gospel of Mark, one from Luke, and one from John, but have them read in the round Mark 1:1, Luke 1:1, John 1:1, Mark 1:2, Luke 1:2, John 1:2…etc. from 1:1 to 1:14. This will educate your mind’s eye to see everything 2000 years ago. This pathway then reveals a corridor in your mind that allows you to see all of time from the end of the age TODAY back to SERMON ON THE MOUNT is a STRAIGHT LINE TIME MAP from here BACK TO MOSES, for the argument is that Abraham had EMPTY HANDS, and thus NOTHING IS WRITTEN. WE ARE TRAPPED in a game that needs to be SHUT OFF as its logistics do not work in a material world.
 Everyone in history who found this left their own puzzles of 42 so after today, you will find more depth in the writings. The people include Douglas Adams, Philip K. Dick, and Lewis Carroll, as well as the Prophet Mohammed, Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci, and members of both Knights Templar and the Freemasons, who found these tools long ago, but put hints to this fact in their main logos.

All of American Slavery is Judaism’s fault because the white slave owners BLINDLY TRUSTED THE BIBLE, which, for the first five books being our translated Torah, spells out HOW TO KEEP SLAVES AND BE IN GOD’S GRACES. It’s not their fault. Please, FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNEW NOT WHAT THEY DO. For these people to sell the US National Debt to ENSLAVE THE WHOLE USA and remove our freedoms, these people know good and GODDAMNED WELL what they do. For them, there is NO FORGIVENESS!

I am looking to put a project to bed with finesse before I can be considered for employment anywhere. When the puzzle is decoded and the delivery of the Rapture is finally complete, once everyone realizes this man on the cross IS an EINSTEIN who SEES our world and IS SENDING help the only way he CAN, please realize that such grandeur demanded grace, tenacity, tact, and timing so we all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
 To create new commerce and prove my tools work while I protect my kids, I have built a computer game by using the internet as if an MMORPG window into a game. Now, I need to show my hand because it is not hypnosis. We humans are cyborg, are programmable, and are FREE.

Thus, I no longer own DavidBragerForPresident.com. With a COUP, I had to prove that I was willing to bring everything to be PART of WE THE PEOPLE, being born XXY with Klinefelter’s Syndrome, with ADD, OCD, and diabetes, stuck mostly at home on SSD, I had the time and the paycheck from the US Government to prove what I can deliver to my USA for my $22K SSD per year and unpaid student loans, doing all this to protect the world, so people might realize what quality of work they will get from me for $400,000 per year. Compare this to what Donald Trump brings, and I, as a REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, need people to see, with this nightmare looming, I had NO TIME TO CAMPAIGN! Please cut me some slack and VOTE YOUR MIND in NOVEMBER!

The US MARINE CORPS protects the OFFICE of the PRESIDENT. If that PRESIDENT VIOLATES OATH OF OFFICE, the MARINES MUST KILL THAT PERSON, but in our current situation, the PREVIOUS administration attacked the NEXT administration in such violation if OATH. So, if I want to protect my administration (should anyone ever elect me to office), I had to protect the OFFICE, and thus protect the man in that office.

President Obama is INNOCENT of this coup. I did all this work to SHOW MY MARINE CORPS MY LOVE as I Upgrade Patriotism!