The struggle with High Intelligence.

It is indeed true that the society we live in, is on a constant venture to establish stereotypes in our head. That being accepted, it is also true that every stereotypical thought does emerge from a base no matter however gravely sexist or racist the same is. One of such stereotype, which runs in our perception is that “Highly intelligent people are a little maniac”.

the curse of high intelligence

Off late I had been noticing that people around me are suffering from a visible amount of mood swings. Some days at a row, they are energetic as hell. Whereas on other days they are so depressed that they refuse to get out of the bed at all. The Internet told me that this is widely known as bi-polar disorder. The internet also said, that somehow this is evident majorly among intelligent people. And interestingly, these people around me, are what, other people considers intelligent. On scrutinizing closely, I found that people around me, whom most judge as dumb, are startlingly active and happier in comparison to the intelligent lot.

I felt these findings to be quite unnerving. Added to the fact is what the famous philosopher had bespoken.

No great mind ever existed without a touch of madness

I had been always a fan of the philosophy that the ultimate aim in life is to be “happy & content on your deathbed”. But all the above findings confronted me with a scary statement,

“Can intelligent people never be happy in life?”
Apparently, they cannot. If intelligence is their boon, unhappiness is their curse.
As suggested in the famous “Sad Socrates Effect” on Harvard University blog, The Crimson; “higher-than-average intelligence leads to an increased proneness to sadness as a consequence of deeper thinking”. That in-fact does make a lot of sense. Intelligent people have the ability to think deep, think through, and sometimes they do end up overthinking. If they do it about other things, it is quite inferential, that they will do it regarding their life as well. I hope that all will agree to the realization that “life is as simple or hard as you think it is”. Evidently, overthinking does not help in simplifying it.

So what is the way out here? Come on, I mean, we are talking about people with high IQ here, if they can figure out and create complex things, can’t they solve their own mental issue? Apparently some people can. These people, along with high IQ, possess a high EQ as well (“Emotional Quotient”). As mentioned in, “EQ is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups”.

Voila, there you go, controlling emotions. 
Sounds simple right? Unfortunately it isn’t. Coming back to the word we started with, the popular “Stereotype”, again is that, high IQ people generally have low EQ. They tend to be introvert, low on people skill, and less street smart. And people around us keep proving this to be true, including me.

The struggle is real.
All that being said, people with high IQ and low EQ, do struggle, on a daily basis. They perform greatly at job, but are never able to show-off. They are bound to stay in their shell, because they find people around them too stupid or annoying to open up to. They expect others to perform as good and fast as them, and gets severely disappointed when they can’t. They are kind of narcissist deep down and suffer from a miniature version of superiority complex, which they know and also feel is just. When the over-thinking, the bipolar-disorder reaches the peak, that’s when they collapse, which other people contemplates as maniac like behavior. Thus proving that the stereotype about intelligent people is not baseless at all.