DICE distribution method revised

We are revising the way that DICE will be “mined” going forward!

There are several reasons we decided to implement this change:

  1. To allow wagers with EBTC and EUSD to receive DICE
  2. To balance mining across all games with different house edges, allowing for the introduction of low house edge games without negatively impacting price
  3. To create a more predictable time-table for each stage of mining

We plan to implement these changes at 00:00-UTC 10-January.

DICE will distributed in a fixed amount (“the pot”) each hour.

There will be 3 scoreboards — one for EOS, one for EBTC, one for EUSD.

The pot size will vary every stage, according to the following schedule:

The pot will be distributed based on the following rules:

  1. Players will receive points based on the house edge for every wager
    For example, for a 1 EOS wager, playing dice will get 0.015 points (1.5% edge). Playing baccarat will get 0.0124 points from “player” (1.24% edge) and 0.0106 from “banker” (1.06% edge). Playing Sicbo will get 0.0278 points from big and small (2.78% edge).
  2. 70% of the pot is paid out to the all players according to the ratio of their hourly score to the total hourly score.
  3. 30% of the pot is awarded to the top players, as follows:
    1st — 50%
    2nd — 25%
    3rd — 12.5%

    Last — 0.0001 DICE
    (Each rank will receive half the rewards of the previous rank, until 30% of the pot has been distributed)

Please give us your feedback regarding this planned change. We know this method is very different from the current method, and value your opinion. We have put considerable thought into this change, including analyzing data gathered from the Christmas promotion held with similar rules, and feel this will be best for the long-term growth of the platform.


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