We are excited to announce that MEETONE is available on BetDice!

You are able to use MEETONE to wager, and will begin to receive MEETONE payouts!

MEET.ONE has been a huge contributor in the launch and development of the EOS ecology.


“MEET.ONE is one of EOS genesis block producers (eosiomeetone). The MEET.ONE team possesses abundant experience in user product operation and technical development. At present, the team has released the EOS wallet MEET.ONE with the largest number of users, EOS candy box MORE.ONE and other products. It also has the largest Chinese media dedicated to EOS ecology, providing an elegant EOS portal for the majority of users, and has accumulated a huge user community.

MEET.ONE will launch an EOS-based side chain, through the Foundation, to select, invest and incubate excellent Dapps in the EOS ecosystem. It will become the incubator and filter for the EOS application ecology. MEET.ONE Token is the equity certificate for the side chain.”

MEET.ONE wallet: http://meet.one/download/


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