Feral Games — Tabletop RPG Company Spotlight

What a great time to play role-playing games. Game designers and publishers are creating and releasing amazing games every day. Here’s the story one of those creative companies.

What is Feral Games?

Feral Games is a relatively new independent tabletop RPG and board game design team.

Describe Feral Games’ Mission.

Our mission is to create great games that add variety and excitement into the world of role-playing. But also to allow others the opportunity to do so. With OpenCreation people can come to us with a great idea, setting or whatever and we will help create it and turn it into a game the world can play.

Who are some of your Team Members?

We have an awesome team of Artists, like Simon Adams, Robert Last and Julia Wisniewski and really creative writers like Jayson Lasarde. And our Playtesters are some of the best, they really get involved with the mechanics and settings. We are always looking for artists or writers who want to get involved in games and we are always happy to help unknown artists get their artwork out there.

What are some of your RPG’s?

At the moment, we have released two very small basic games. ‘Delve’ is a fantasy game set around dungeon crawling. It uses our Sigil D12 System. And the ‘Super Secret Spy Agency’ which is a game set in the world of James Bond and Kingsman etc.

Both are free to download off DriveThruRpg.

We will shortly be releasing ‘The Zombie Squad’ which is a dark sci-fi game, in which the characters are members of a Penal regiment, a suicide squad made up of ex-convicts, its a lot of fun. ‘The Zombie Squad’ will also be available to download for free from DriveThruRPG.

Where can people find your games?

At the moment all our games are available to download off DriveThruRpg, but in the future they will be also available from our website and from game stores.

What does the future look like for Feral Games?

Well once ‘The Zombie Squad’ is done we will be concentrating on our two main games ‘The Chronicles of Aerthe’ is a vast fantasy game set in a dark, Gothic, world. We cannot say to much about it but the artwork is looking fantastic and we are all the excited about it.

Then we will also start work on ‘The District’ a post-apocalyptic world, very real to life accept for a certain element, again we cannot go into much detail but it will be gritty and very dark.

Beyond that with OpenCreation the sky really is the limit and that project will depend on the people reading this and wanting to get involved, if you have a Sci-fi or Fantasy setting you would love to see become a full game that others can enjoy then get in touch, it’s still in its infancy but we are a dedicated team looking at moving forward into the future.

You can contact us via our website http://feralgamesinc.weebly.com or via feralgamesinc@gmail.com

Originally published at www.dicegeeks.com on January 14, 2016.