Dice Kingdom Game

Announced the price of re Dicer’s HP !

The price will be at

30 days price 1,500 KM

90 days price 4,000 KM

180 days, price 7,000 KM

365 days, price 12,000 KM

Wow, very cheap, the more you fill.

But that’s not enough. Another good news is that tomorrow, Saturday June 18th, Dice Kingdom will reset all Dicer’s HP back to 30 days!

Oh wow, this is what everyone has been waiting for. Let’s play for free for another month! By resetting HP, this applies to all Dicers, whether in-game or in the Megaland market.

We will reset it tomorrow, any time, please wait to follow!

talk to us

Discord : https://discord.gg/zkmxjn8v

Telegram : https://t.me/dicekingdomgame

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Open the gashapon, fun!

Many items are waiting for you to pick them up. Dice Kingdom Gachapon system, everyone wants to randomly, anyone wants it, whether it’s SCP Token, Hand Item, Hat Item, for Dicers to join, open one time, use 20 KM+ or about 200 KM.

that’s not enough There is also a chance to earn Gold Tokens to exchange for exclusive items in the Gold .gashapon

And there is also a record showing the opening of friends in the server as well.

Play games : https://play.dicekingdom.com/

What do you get from the Gachapong Cabinet? : https://www.facebook.com/dicekingdom/photos/2181741765310618

Join us in realtime! : https://t.me/dicekingdomgame_th or https://discord.gg/NdmZMr5rzX

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The game is now ready to play.


All Dicer are invited to join the game. As for who doesn’t know how to play the game You can see it in this post. We have already made a summary of the data. From the introduction of the game to how to play it. along with a brief introduction of the game system

If you don’t understand how to play Dice Kingdom game, comment to ask.

Website : https://dicekingdom.com/

Telegram TH : https://t.me/dicekingdomgame_th

Telegram EN : https://t.me/dicekingdomgame

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/NpVYzyX

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Dice Kingdom Game

Dice Kingdom Game

Dice Kingdom is a new Monopoly game. Play with luck and technique. Come roll the dice and use your cards to win.