How to create a Dicether Affiliate Campaign?

It is very easy to create a Dicether Affiliate Campaign, and you can create more than one campaign for separate groups (Reddit, Discord, e.t.) if you want.

Step 1

  • Press the button ‘Account’ in your upper right corner

Step 2

  • Select the tab ‘Affilitate’ in the upper left corner next to ‘Statistic’

Step 3

  • Choose a Campaign Name (e.g. MyCampaign) and a Campaign Id (e.g. camp123) for your Affiliate Campaign.

Step 4

Great job, you have just created your first Dicether Affilitate campaign! Now you get 10% commission of the house edge of every referred player.

A little example how it works.

If your referee wagers 100 Ether, house edge (1.5%) on that is 1.5 Ether. You earned affiliate commission (10%) is 0.15 Ether.


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