A new era of real-money gaming

The development of online gaming has come to a halt. The thing we are witnessing right now is nothing else than the m&a activity amongst the biggest industry players.

Such behavior rather indicates the market’s stagnation than its evolution. In contradiction to this, the development of the industry of cybersport has been gathering steam for the last several years. The uprising of competitive gaming sector drives an entirely new level of interactions to the market. The cybersport championships attract more people than classic sport, cleaning up tens of millions of dollars.

This new trend has paved way for the rise of a brand new segment of internet users preferring cyber benefits to the material ones. Such users are effectively the forerunners of a new era where events happening in a real physical world grow less important or relevant.

It is already the case that people are poised to transfer their entire life into the cyber domain, including their friends, hobbies, conflicts and other integral elements of their interaction with the wider world. For many such a step comes as an easy call, since modern technologies enable them to achieve the goals otherwise not available in everyday life. From now on it is possible to become world champion without possessing any physical skills or necessary aptness. You don’t need to inherit an ideal genome to be able to get the title of the best player in the world under your belt.

The trailblazers of this movement are companies operating in the segment of cybersport.

Games, distribution platforms, game developers, publishing platforms, online marketplaces and even betting websites open for the new frontiers for gaming fans. Now one can find skin for a rifle in counter-strike worth 10–12 thousand dollars. That said, such skin doesn’t even enhance the physical qualities of the weapon itself.

The latest breakthrough in the domain goes for the company Unikrn, which offers services in the sphere of real-money betting on esports. Until fairly recently the company had been using the license for conducting operations in Australia and Great Britain. In October 2018 it received a license from the Isle of Man that allows operating on the markets of online esports gaming in the USA, South Korea and several other countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

As of now DiceyBit is in the thick of getting a license from the Isle of Man with a view to offering a wide range of similar solutions to business partners on the basis of our own gaming platform. This means that anyone interested may become part of a quite fast growing sphere as soon as in the beginning of the next year.