DiceyBit’s participation in SIGMA

Last week Malta drew thousands of iGaming aficionados who were participating in an exhibition dedicated to gaming industry. The event took place from 28th to 30th November. 12500 attendees, 400 sponsors and exhibitors, 200 speakers from more than 80 countries have demonstrated a huge buzz surrounding the development of a hugely promising and competitive industry.

We are delighted to have had DiceyBit’s CBDO, Alexander Udalyi, CTO , Ihor Kolodyuk, CEO, Vladimir Muraviov, Chief Blockchain Architect, Danylo Yakymenko , and the company’s BizDev, Christina Muratkina, take part in the thick of one of the biggest events in the world of gaming industry. Our representatives have done a great job presenting DiceyBit, a decentralized B2B gaming platform with zero commissions, encrypted user wallets as well as built-in currency exchange. Among other things, DiceyBit offers solutions for web, mobile, brick-and-mortar, TV, to name but a few. Thanks to deep understanding of blockchain technology, we are proud to offer novel and efficient solutions in the field of gaming industry.

iGaming has evolved into an extremely fast growing industry with a turnover amounting to billions of dollars. International summits, conferences and exhibitions like SIGMA expo are the best platforms for those willing to share their visions and experience. Needless to say, our DiceyBit team have been quite thrilled about the whole concept of the event as well as the opportunity to present to the general public something we are good at.