Chrome Extensions I use (and you should too)

Not the most original article ever written, since there seem to be…

…about 6,5 million results for this year alone, but one of a more personal tone which aspires to put the spotlight on some of the more underrepresented extensions available. Here they are, in alphabetical order, along with a short description of each:

Awesome Screenshot Minus

similar to Awesome Screenshot, but clear of any violation of privacy concerns etc. Looking to compare it with Lightshot one of these days, to see which is best. Takes screenshots and lets you edit them before saving. The ability to upload them for 3 days only is neat, while other features include Capture of the whole page, Delayed capture, as well as Desktop Screenshots.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Email notifications and much more. Really versatile extension that lets you do everything you want in your Gmail account without ever leaving your current tab.

Disable HTML5 Autoplay

Stops annoying videos from autoplaying, a life saver! Beware: the extension isn’t too stable, and breaks stuff such as Twitter videos, so set the default action to “Do Nothing” and only change to “Stop Autoplay” on sites that annoy you. It may not even work, but in any case, wherever it works, it’s vital!

Google Docs Offline

Pretty self explanatory, right?

Native URL Shortener

Sweet little extension that, well, shortens URLs. I’m Greek, so whenever I copy a URL with Greek characters, it turns into a jumbled mess (hover here to see what I mean). As a result, I need this app, mostly for aesthetic reasons (not to clutter up my conversations with 10 lines of random text). Also great for pranks, if there is no preview of the link!


Useful for saving things to Pocket. Better than the official Pocket extension because it lets you peek at the saved links and manage them (add tags, delete, etc). Also shows how many unread I have -1273 at the time of writing- which pushes me to read more and get the counter down to zero — although I know I’ll never manage that! Pocket, along with other reading apps, will get a separate article soon.


Allows sending of links, files etc between devices (Laptops, smartphones, tablets), and between users, and, best of all, mirrors my phone’s notifications on my PC, so I don’t have to check every time it vibrates. Essential extension for my workflow. It will get its own detailed article too, at some point.

Extension for the site, which gathers every music link posted on selected subreddits and puts it on a playlist in order to be streamed. Wonderful for music discovery and passive listening of music without having to go through each Reddit post separately! You may notice it’s deactivated, I’ll explain why in a bit.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

A…suite that, uh, enhances Reddit! Seasoned Reddit users swear by it and can’t browse Reddit without it. Too many features and options to list here; personally I’m using it for the inline viewers, infinite scrolling, and [link and comments] button, but feel like I’m not using it to its fullest potential! More info and FAQs here and here.

Save to Google

An extension to save pages to Google Save. I don’t really know how it differs from bookmarks. Personally I’m using it to save cool things I have no use for, but would like to visit again in the future, such as this site, while bookmarks are for links I haven’t checked or read yet.

Session Buddy

I open too many tabs. This extension helps me manage them, by listing all of them so I can quickly jump to the one I want, or save them for another time, move them to another window etc.


Copy from my PC, paste to my smartphone (must have the Android app installed) and vice versa. Simple little utility extension; Pushbullet used to have this feature, but then moved it to the paid tier, mildly infuriating many users and making them abandon ship.


Now we’re getting to the good stuff! The latest addition to my arsenal, it this nifty little extension that lets you assign custom keyboard hotkeys for Play/Pause, Next Track etc to a whole bunch of music playing sites, and control them while they’re in the background. Works with, and that’s why I deactivated its own extension.


Take a look at the very first picture of this article. Notice the black Google search? This was achieved thanks to Userstyles and its great community of people who skin almost every site there is. This extension may be for a little more advanced users, but it is a lifesaver: My eyes thank me since installing it, and turning every site I come across, black! May post a tutorial about it, because really it makes surfing the web at night so much better!

Tab Wrangler

As mentioned before, I open far too many tabs. This extension lets me curb this habit of mine, by closing tabs after they have been inactive for 20 minutes. The minimum amount of tabs allowed to stay open, as well as the time before the tab closing, are customizable, and closed tabs stay in a list so it’s easy to reopen them.

uBlock Origin

Must-have ad-block. Thought by the community to be the best one in terms of performance and comes without any “acceptable ads” bullshit. It just works.

These are more or less the extensions I use. Generally I tried to keep really known ones to a minimum, promoting other more obscure ones. If you have any app that I should definitely be using, or a better alternative to the ones I wrote about, feel free to write a comment, since I am constantly on the hunt for a better browsing experience!

A greek version of this article can be found here