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Step aerobics is a modification to traditional aerobics. It involves the elevated platform called "the step" on which a person standing can place his foot. Its size is nearly 3 feet X 1.5 feet .

Step aerobics , whether climbing stairs or training on a stair climbing machine, or a step board is a high-intensity exercise that has a low-impact effect on lower body joints. Workouts increase muscular endurance while improving lower body muscle tone. 
As a cardio workout, there is an increased demand on heart and lung capacity along with an increase in calories burned. When combined with proper diet, it helps reduce excess body fat and body weight.

Some of the outstanding advantages of performing Step aerobics- 
-It increases the good cholesterol level. 
-It facilitates decrease in the overall cholesterol level. 
-If the height is increased, oxygen intake increases. 
-The benefits for the cardiovascular system are comparable to those of running. 
-it burns fat

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