5 Social Media Tactics for Restaurants

I consider myself a foodie. I love to try new foods in exciting restaurants. There’s nothing I love more than a restaurant with a great atmosphere and quality food. The problem I have found with most restaurants is their lack of an online presence. Most restaurants have their menu, hours, location and reviews, but few portray how great the dining experience really is. Restaurants are perfect for showing off on social media.

Here are 5 Social Media Tactics for Restaurants:

  1. Competitions
    Social media was designed for engaging content. Some of the best content that is seen on social media has to do with food and the eating experience at different restaurants. One of the easiest ways to build awareness around your brand is to hold social competitions. Let your diners snap a picture of their favorite meal or drink. Tell them to share it and mention you or use a hashtag that you create. Offer a free meal or drink to the best post every week. This has a huge upside with a very low cost. Not only will all the friends of those customers see those posts, but maybe when they get that free drink/meal they will bring someone new with them.
  2. Give Away Your Secrets
    Well sorta. Are you known for your famous drinks? How about that special sauce? Record some video in the kitchen or at the bar during the creation. Concerned about people stealing your ideas? Leave the final ingredient out or don’t give the quantity. This type of content will truly drive engagement with users.
  3. Share Stories
    People remember stories… Seriously it’s science. We are prewired to remember stories. Storytelling is a great way for users to get more involved with your brand. Was your restaurant created as a father and son team? Did it take three tries to finally get that menu right? Is a cheese plate item named after your great aunt who always offered you smelly cheese as a kid? Share these stories with your audience and they will feel more like family than a casual diner.
  4. Reply, Reply, Reply
    Don’t forget to reply. When you see a comment such as: “OMG, we had a great time at this restaurant! Didn’t know this even existed in my town!” — REPLY! It is so powerful for you to reach out to an audience who’s applauding you. Replies turn existing customers into repeat customers. What about negative comments? REPLY! Always be the mature and responsible one in this scenario. Don’t presume that they’re wrong or they don’t understand your cuisine. Simply apologize for any issues, ask them to contact you at your email address. Settle these things outside of social media!
  5. Be Yourself
    It is so easy to tell a company that genuinely enjoys sharing on social media vs one that is simply posting to post. Be a part of your sharing. Include your personality and your thoughts in every post. Are you excited about the new mother’s day menu? Show that enthusiasm and explain why. Did you just build a relationship with a local butcher? Share it. Let your users enjoy the things that not only make you happy but improve the quality of the dining experience.