Top 5 Things Every Restaurant Website Should Have

1. Highly Visual Website
Restaurants are a highly engaging experience. One of the main reasons that people go out to eat is to enjoy the full experience of dining. Everything about the dining experience should be shared on your website. It is important to fill your website with images of the restaurant, food and drinks. Do you have amazing desserts? Include an image. Are you known for your NYC quality drinks? Post it! Keep it visual.

2. Functionality

99% of the time when I visit a website for a restaurant I am looking for 2 things, a menu and images. We all know the drill… you look at reviews or receive a recommendation before you ever visit the restaurant’s website. The only purpose for a restaurant website is for the menu and to get a better understanding of the “vibe”. Are you looking for the phone number? No, that’s on Google (Hopefully). Are you looking for the address? No, thanks again Google. Your website can be one page that includes a menu, images and some contact information. That’s it! Below are some great examples of CT restaurants that have near perfect websites.

A highly visual website that is straight to the point.

Bar Sugo
All of the essential information is on the homepage.

The Upper Crust
Very clean and efficient website.

3. CMS (Content Management System)

It is important for your team to be able to update the website when they need to. This includes menu changes, additional locations, special events, specials…etc. Don’t let any web developer convince you that you don’t need this — you do. Systems like WordPress allow for your team to make all of these changes on their own, no need to call your web developer when you need to make updates. The best part about CMS systems like WordPress is that they are incredibly easy to use! Super user-friendly and everyone can have their own personal login.

4. Integration
Are you using OpenTable, Eat24, Yelp, UrbanSpoon? How about your social media platforms? All of these systems should be used and integrated into your website. One of my favorite restaurants recently adopted the Eat24 system. I absolutely love it. Especially if you provide takeout services you should be using something like Eat24. The app remembers my favorite orders, credit card number, and information. I only have to click 3 times to have the best Indian food in the state at my door. These platforms are the future and it is important for your website users to be able to access them directly from your site.

5. Mobile First

This should truly be number 1. We have reached the tipping point; more users are accessing the web through mobile devices than desktop computers. Simply put, if your website is not at least mobile friendly you are missing out on over 50% of your website traffic. Many developers will try and convince you that a separate mobile site is the way to go, but this is a dated perspective. Utilize responsive design, where the online experience is the same whether you are on a mobile device or a desktop computer. We encourage our clients to utilize the mobile-first mentality. Have buttons for call now, reserve now, directions, email..etc. These buttons should be large and easy to click, bringing a mobile user directly to the app they need.