You got to know in this life all is connected

You got to know

That all in this. life there is a reason why!

You got to know

that your craziest thoughts

You emanate them..

Your intuition..

Your feel of love

Your heart

To use it as a compass

God .. Created..

You got to know ..

There is a reason why…

Be focus .. Be aware… To your most intimate


And the end

At the switch of your here!!

.. Or only now

You will found out

The reason why..

Have faith … In ..GOD ..

Have faith .. In .. The .. Universe..

Whatever your religion is…

Or you whatever your frontiers are ..

Listen to your pulsating. feelings…. spirit…

.. Do not

Ask why…

Just feel it…

With your 100 senses

Just feel it…

You. inner energy

Soon will dance in harmony

With the universe…