Letters to Dick

Introduction, or Let’s Get This Started.

Hello, my name is Dick.

That’s not my actual name, but everyone in the Adult Video Production business, whether they are an actress/actor, producer or have any other professional involvement, requires an alias.

For roughly the last twenty years, I have worked for a small video production company called Anton Productions. I would say, “Perhaps you have heard of them?”, but it is highly unlikely that you have. Unless of course, you are a fan of Bondage or Fetish videos. If so, you must have stumbled across our name at some point.

Anton Productions is what is considered a ‘niche’ company, specializing in somewhat rare and unique forms of bondage and fetish videos. Most fetish/bondage companies distinguish themselves in varied ways. Some companies offer the bustiest models. Some companies claim to tie women the tightest. Some companies offer up only foot videos or wrestling videos. Some even claim that only their product is truly ‘authentic’. I don’t even know what ‘authentic’ means in term of a bondage/fetish video, because if you really can’t discern that all those people involved in the video are just acting, then your perception is likely NOT grounded entirely within reality. Adult videos rarely have any basis in reality.

We at Anton Video specialize in some very specific types of videos which will be discussed and outlined shortly in great detail.

I have spent a significant portion of my life involved in the production and distribution of Adult Videos that are not of the simple triple X variety. When I reluctantly impart this information to friends, aquaintances or people I am trying to do business with, I am inevitably asked the following question — “Oh WOW! So you do pornos?”

No. I don’t DO pornos. The difference between ‘pornos’ and what I and Anton Productions does will be made quite clear over the course of the coming chapters. I regard pornos, from what I have seen, typically as ‘movies where men and women have sex with each other’. It makes no difference if its a guy and a girl, a guy and a guy, or a girl and a girl, sex is primarily what makes for a porno. And that is specifically why I say, “No, we don’t make pornos”.

If you are wondering why the subject of our videos might be interesting when no actual sex is involved, I would say that you are still missing some obvious and key elements of our genre. The videos we make are actually all about sex; just not the specific act itself. The videos we make are full of the crazy personal and private fantasies that fuel sexual frustration or repression and make the world of human desire and emotion so uniquely interesting. What makes someone enjoy foot videos? Or videos that feature nylons? Or skirts? Or women being tied up? Anton Productions as an entity may just hold the actual answer.

I don’t share every fantasy that our customers have or that we happen to make videos of, but I can certainly understand the appeal of such videos. I think that’s why I joined up with my boss, J. Anton when he asked if I would like to help him make the copies of his videos that were offered for general sale, and help to work on his web presence, which is how I originally became involved with Anton Productions so many years ago.

As time went on, my position in the company grew and eventually I was actively participating in the production of videos, all aspects of the website and just about any and every other major or minor task that came my way. Most often I was the technological representative, fixing computers, servers, websites, etc.

What I wish to do is tell you the story of Anton Productions, chapter and verse, and I’ll frame it by using the letters that customers volunteered as story ideas or sent us as requests for custom videos. In the process, I plan to provide commentary about the people, stories and processes that have helped make Anton Productions the premiere Bondage and Fetish production company of its time. At least, that’s how I prefer to see it. Perhaps I suffer from momentary delusions of grandeur.

I will try to maintain as much of the tone, non-sequiturs, rambling sentences, disjointed wording and misspellings that I can in my translation, but my auto-correct feature seems to be having an evil way with me. Additionally, some people are not quite as coherent with there stories or descriptions and my comprehension may fail, but I will try to impart as much of the description as possible, without editing too much.

I’m not much of a writer yet, but I hope this exercise will help me become better at clarifying and congealing the story that I personally find too interesting to be forgotten. Plus, I need a great deal of help with my writing skills, expository and otherwise, so feel free to comment, correct or tell me which portions just flat out suck. It’s a learning process.

As a means of starting off, I present a few sample emails for your perusal. I continue to find the stories people tell about their fantasy video projects endlessly fascinating. Some contain questions or story ideas. The following emails never made the cut as custom videos or story ideas. They are presented just to get the ball rolling.


I’m very interested in a custom video, but had a few questions.

1. What is the maximum number of women I can utilize in my fantasy video?

2. My script would include a schoolgirl outfits; Can I dictate what they wear?

3.Can I get them to say my name on screen as I will be the person forcing them to strip and whatnot?

Please advise on the answers to my questions and approximate the price per actress. Thanks.



I like your “Stripnotized” videos the best. Here’s an idea for your nap next hypnotized video. You can put Nina Neon and Mary Jane in this video.

Nina, dressed in a business suit with nude pantyhose and heels, arrives home from work. She sits down on the sofa, with her legs crossed, looking through her mail. There’s a knock at the door. It’s a guy asking to use her phone because her car broke down. She lets him while walking behind her he gives her neck pinch that renders her unconscious. He moves the now unconscious Nina to the couch where she is heavily groped, especially her legs. After a few minutes, she’s starting to come to. He pulls out a small device -see picture- and points the flashing light at her. She slips into a blank face trains. He waved his hand in front of her face and marvels over the success of the device. He then asks her how she feels.

She mutters, “I want you to tell me what to do”. He tells her to do a striptease. After finishing her striptease he orders her to freeze and she is groped some more. He instructs her to forget he was ever there, and she is to go back into a trance at the command of ‘surrender’. He tells her to awaken when the door closes. He leaves and she comes out of the trance wondering why is she is standing in the living room with her close off.

He returns at a later date, she is wearing a different dress with black pantyhose this time. She answers a knock at the door in the intruder barges in. She says ‘who the hell are you’ and threatens to call the police if you don’t leave immediately. She picks up the phone and then you give her the command to surrender. She slips back into a trance and you instruct to sit there on the sofa. He fondle her legs while she sits there expressionless. This time you brought your camera with you and you have her pose like a model with and without her clothes on. But she always keeps the pantyhose on! You give her the same instructions as before, forgetting you were there in waking up after the door closes. She again wakes wondering ‘what in the world is going on’.

This would be part one I would like to get part two done later this year adding a second model, who was visiting Nina when the intruder returns, get knocked out and hypnotized too!

Please let me know if you like the script and you would like me to order the mini strobe.



Dear Dick,

My name is Gerard. I saw your videos on the website

Mary Jane in Nina are rival toy designers. Mary Jane accused Nina of stealing Mary Jane’s toy designs. Nina told Mary Jane that she is working on a secret toy project. Mary Jane decided to get even with Nina. That night Mary Jane went to Nina’s office to steal her design. But Nina was ready for her and hypnotize Mary Jane. Under her power Nina command Mary Jane to strip off her clothes. Then Nina make Mary Jane to be a windup doll. Nina lined Mary Jane up in command her to walk around the office. Mary Jane walk around in circles. Then walked back and forth bumping into walls until Nina ordered her to stop. And then Nina command Mary Jane to be a doll. Nina pose Mary Jane in different positions. Then Nina have an idea. She dressed Mary Jane in a two-piece silver swimsuit. Then put on her a pair of silver high heel shoes. Nina told Mary Jane that she is now a voice control robot that will hold a anybody for anyone who commanded her. Mary Jane accept her new program and is ready to obey. Nina decided to show Mary Jane to her boss and see if he would like to try her out.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dear Sir, I would like a quote on the following idea for a costume video. Would have a super heroine played by Alisha Silver, outfit would be one piece bathing swimsuit type outfit, suntan pantyhose, boots below the knee. Wonder woman type.

Would have in evil villainess named Hypnotika or Hypno Woman played by the model of your choosing. Plot would be super heroines enter evil villainess Lair confronts her with typical super heroine versus villainess banter. She would remind Hypnotika that her powers do not work on her. Hypnotika would state that she has seen Dr. Anton and he has provided her with a surprise. She would then use the light that you have used in other videos, and begin to put our super heroine under.

I’m a big fan of the hypno fetish, so I would like the superheroine to really struggle before going into a trance. And I would like the evil villainess to use a very seductive voice to put her under. Once under she would respond to the evil villainous commands by saying, yes mistress. The evil villainess would then escort her to another room where she would make her change into a more evil costume. I would ask that the suntan pantyhose in boots remain. Also could darker makeup or lipstick be used to complete the transformation.

Thank you, Tony.


I think you can see where I am coming from and potentially where I am going with this narrative. Hopefully, you will find it interesting enough to read and comment on as I complete additional chapters. I will follow up with how I actually got into the business and more letters in Chapter One. Looking forward to your commentary and suggestions.

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