Teach Me How To Feel
Abby Norman

I read your article because it mentioned: Zoloft.

I don’t remember why I was prescribed Zoloft but very likely it came during the period when my wife was fighting for her life against Lekumia. Very likely I was depressed then; my wife survived ( 17 years ago ).

I still take Zoloft … and each time a new doctor asks why I am depressed, I tell her I’m not depressed. My wife calls Zoloft my “Nice Pill”.

For me, Zoloft is the “delay loop” in my life that protects me from immediate reactionary outbursts from the events of modern life.

“Huh. That guy just cut in front of me in a very dangerous way.
 Isn’t that interesting … “ and life goes on with no drama.

I really hate reacting to events …. that’s not how I perceive myself.
But react I do when I’m not taking my nice pill … and I feel SO MUCH BETTER with the illusion that it is my character that keeps me in check.

Doctor: “Why are you depressed?”
Me: “I’m not depressed.”
Doctor: “Then I cannot refill your Zoloft prescription”

Me ( silently ): “Time for a new doctor. I’m too old for this shit.”

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