Renovating our Grandparents house

After my grandfather passed away, we had to move back to his house in Union City CA. We had been living in Boston for the past 15 years though. I never missed our old house as I always loved my grandparents’ house. My dad had left his job and moved back with us to take care of the family business. The neighborhood was fun here and I had friends here too. I was a freshman in high school here. My grandmother was very happy when we shifted back to her house and so were the neighbors.

My mother had an OCD issue from the start. She never liked living her as she thought that this house was in a quite shabby condition and it needed a lot of renovations. The bathrooms and the kitchen needed some proper remodeling. At first, my dad was in denial with this decision but soon he agreed as he saw that the cabinets were worn out and due to lack of maintenance many things were now beyond repair. The very next day my mom called home remodeling service in Union CA.

Best home remodeling companies

The next working day, a team of professionals visited our new house for consultation. They looked around the house and gave my mom an estimation of the cost of remodeling the whole house. I guess they told my mom what she wanted to hear because she agreed to all of it at once. For once my mom was worried if she had hired some good agency for this project. The neighbor told my mom that this is one of the best home remodeling companies in Union CA and that she does not need to worry about anything.

The workers were really trained and knew a lot about their jobs. They started off with the kitchen’s floor within a day they had completed the floor of the kitchen and some of them shifted to fix the lounge. While some of them were fixing the wooden cabinets. We were told to be a good host for the workers as they were indeed working very hard on the remodeling of this house. One of the workers was very playful. He used to finish his work quickly and used to play with us outside. Within a month our house was brand new. My grandmother was a bit sad because she wanted my grandpa to see this too, but we never made her feel his absence.

After the project was completed we were amazed to see our house. It felt as it was brand new. The transformation was beyond imagination. The floor, walls, cabinets, lights, paint, and everything were close to perfect. After the workers left we prepared them a gift of appreciation for their speedy work. They indeed transformed the old shabby house into a new modern house.