With the Internet becoming popular by every day, it is not just a form of communication and entertainment. For some, the Internet is where they make money and there’s a lot of money to be made. It’s like you’re sitting under a mango tree and you get to keep all…

Three Machakos University College students were attacked on the night of May 15 by gangsters in an off-campus room they shared.

The attackers hacked them with machetes, took their laptops, phones and money, and then left them for the dead.

One student died while two others — identified as George…

Laikipia University’s main campus has been closed indefinitely following student unrest over matters including higher fees.

Fees for arts has increased by Sh5,000 and Sciences by Sh8,000.

Reports indicated VC Francis Lelo provoked the students further by calling police officers to disperse them when they demanded that he address them.

It worries me….. for the past five years you have been doing exemplary well; comfortable with everyone I relate with. But what has just happened all of a sudden? You are moody and ain’t welcoming as you used to be. …

Whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s this month launched auditions for a brand ambassador in Kenya, as part of its global ‘Gentlemen Wanted’ campaign.

The search itself is set to deliver prominence and brand engagement for the whiskey, far greater than any behind-the-scenes selection of a brand promoter.

“The response we have…

Twelve years after famously dropping out to build Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg went back and got an honorary degree at Harvard University, addressing the 2017 graduates with a speech about the power to change the world and the importance of having “a sense of purpose.”

“You are graduating into a world that needs purpose, and it’s up to you to create it,” Zuckerberg said, warning against cynicism. In his talk, he recognized numerous students who have already had significant personal achievements.


Zuckerberg ended by reciting part of a Jewish prayer for healing that he says he sings to his baby daughter.

Two days ago, he visited his old dorm room.


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In June last year, Andela announced that it was planning to unveil its third African country. …

According to USATODAY COLLEGE, second-year student Lan Paje from San Francisco State University took it into his own hands to lend some creativity to his job application.

The college sophomore applied to 10 organisations for editorial and software engineering jobs. The computer science and journalism major took to the social…

A Moi University student was conned of Ksh. 9,000 this morning. The third year female student sent the money via M-pesa to a man claiming to work for Moi International airport terminal A, who claimed to have received a parcel from the UK for the lady.

He called her and…

The Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) has closed three of its campuses and sacked over 150 employees, it has emerged on Tuesday.

According to sources, campuses affected by the closure include those in Kisii, Nyeri and Nakuru counties with affected students expected to be taken in by the Meru centre.


Dickson Morande

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