Defend DACA, Defend Our Students
The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Should not an elected official ask the voters what they want and believe rather than telling us what to believe? Mr. Reykdahl is elected to represent the people. DACA has an arbitrary executive order by then President Obama. He usurped Congressional authority. Courts have ruled he was wrong. Ten (10) states are suing the US Govt to overturn DACA. Some 700–800,000 jobs have been taken from legal Americans.

Societal costs are huge. Schools being just one aspect. Taxpayers carry the burden. People who followed the rules are basically told that they are stupid to do so.

Reading the President Trumps statement: one sees that there is compassion but recognition of a need to enforce the law. Congress must now choose to act or not.

I find Mr. Reykdahl’s hubris to be misplaced and inappropriate. Her is a servant of the people and not the one to tell us what to think. I would prefer he spend his time and effort focused on delivering quality K-12 education.

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