3 Facts About White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer is the new White House press secretary and at 45 years young he appears to be an old hand at stirring things up among the media. Things like his use of alternative facts provide an interesting way of approaching the truth and the initial press conference certainly wasn’t the best first impression, but that means there is room for improvement. Which are sentiments I feel his friends in the White House Press Corps would echo. Since his first outing may have been rocky, here are three things about the new White House Press Secretary to help better acquaint him with his audience.

1. He’s in the Naval Reserve. He currently holds the rank of Commander and is assigned to the Joint Staff’s Naval Reserve contingent in Washington, D.C. During his time in the Navy, he has also attained a Master’s degree in National Security from the Naval War College in Rhode Island.

2. He has had a long running feud with futuristic ice cream corporation Dippin Dots. He feels that that the company is not in fact the ice cream of the future and makes his feelings known on Twitter. The twit-osphere has plenty of evidence to back this up. Recently, Dippin Dots penned an open letter to Spicer which can be seen here that says the ice cream company wants to be friends.

3. He has spoken out against some of President Trump’s statements and policy ideas in the past. Before President Trump took his place in the oval office he ruffled quite a few feathers by making statements about Mexican immigrants and their involvement in crimes around the United States. Spicer was quoted as saying “I think that’s probably something that is not helpful to the cause.”