This album is all hazy, soulful roots music held together by Jessica Antonick’s stream of consciousness style songwriting that’s at once surreal yet firmly rooted in her lived experience, tactile endeavors (having spent time as a sail maker, carpenter, and obviously a musician) and observations. The combination of gritty Chicago-style R&B with hard edged Oakland-influenced guitar playing and soulful New Orleans colored vocals. The album came together in bits a pieces; mostly between Oakland and New Orleans where Jessie holed up at a shotgun shack on Deslonde St. to put the finishing touches and flourishes on the Heart Creak.

“[Pony Hunt] delivers major delights on this ethereal and winning debut album…This is rich, understated music, a series of sweet meditations on love and life that will leave you hungry for album number two.” — No Depression

 The marinas along the East Bay of San Francisco in Oakland are sparkling expanses of swelling tides, decrepit docks, and forgotten boats — sun-kissed and creaking against the wind. Day in and day out, Jessie Antonick, who performs under the name Pony Hunt, breathes and sweats the ocean air as a woodworker, seamstress, and sailor, sewing, tying, and creating as the ocean laps against the bows. There, daydreaming among the masts, the Pacific Ocean soaks into her roots-influenced songwriting, feeding a creativity that is also nurtured in the other half of the year she spends living and playing in New Orleans, Louisiana. Pony Hunt’s new release Heart Creak, released October 7, incorporates the identifiable raw traditions of the New Orleans music scene — where the album came to life — while also bringing in the reverb-soaked psychedelia and Beach Boys-esque vocal conception of the California coast. Additionally, Heart Creak draws on the sounds of Chicago, where Antonick was grew up, bringing in a subtle awareness of Chicago’s rhythm and blues. The result has Heart Creak swaying back and forth with the tides, pushing between three great American cities, moodily and soulfully edging Pony Hunt towards broader musical vistas

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