Another tibetan detained Over Dalai Lama WeChat Group

A Gya Gya, is former monk of kirti monastery in sichuan’s Ngaba (in Chinese, Aba) province. He was imprisoned for three- years in connection with lobsang phuntsok’s self immolation( another monk from kirti monastery) in 2011 at Sichuan’s Mianyang prison. And he was brutally discriminated and tortured by chinese officials for his atrocity of justice in prison. Even his inmates praised his heroic act against the officials.

2015- he and several political prisoners from Ngaba, celebrated his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday and had conversation on the topic of their celebration in their wechat group. Which was later found by chinese intelligence agencies( secret).

On Nov. 18, 2015, A Gya Gya and other prisoner in Lunggu, a monk named Lodroe, was taken into custody over their involvement in the online WeChat group. a Tibetan living in the area told RFA. since then nothing is known about their whereabouts or wellbeing.

Later it was found that they were held in a prison of Lunggu(Wenchuan) county, RFA’s source said. However, their families were not allowed to meet them. And family member said, they’ve sent some money through the Prison guards but they are unsure whether it was received by him or not.

He was second Tibetan that has been arrested and sent to prison in China’s Sichuan province for his involvement in a social media chat group celebrating last year’s 80th birthday of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, RFA’s Tibetan Service has learned.

The festivals were held regardless of broad endeavors by authorities crosswise over Tibetan-populated districts to caution against observances of the politically touchy occasion and to piece open social events that could be connected to it.

WeChat is a text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in 2011 and is widely used by Tibetans inside and outside Tibet. It has become the most used mode of communication through its walkie-talkie style messaging facility. However, activists and experts fear that the app’s voice-messaging service enables security officials to monitor user’s movements in real time and access other information shared via the app.

News of Gya’s arrest was delayed in reaching outside contacts due to communications blocks imposed by Chinese authorities in Tibetan areas.