Living Clay Bentonite Detox: A Wonderful Product to Detox Your Body

Are you facing acidity problems with your eating habits? Do you fall sick too often off late? As we are working so hard to earn living, it is natural for our body to bear the consequences. Also, the food that we are eating daily isn’t providing us enough nutrients required for good health. In fact, they are increasing acidity in our body. Many products and medications are available in the market that boast of maintaining our health, but it is always beneficial to opt for natural products. Since ancient times, clay has been used to make pottery and ceramics. However, it also has wonderful healing and restorative powers due to the fact that clay is made of organic particles derived from the earth. For this reason, clay has been a consistent medical and beauty tool. Of the many types of healing clay, bentonite is derived from volcanic ash and can be used for the detoxification of the body.

Bentonite clay family is further divided into sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite where sodium bentonite is volcanic ash mixed with seawater and calcium bentonite is volcanic ash mixed with fresh water. Both of these types have different properties, but calcium bentonite is known to provide more benefits, especially if you consume it. Usually, people make masks of bentonite clay to cleanse skin pores as it helps in maintaining the skin’s natural smoothness. Also, many people prefer to take a weekly clay bath for general health and cleansing.

As discussed above, internal cleansing is more important than external cleansing for our body to remain healthy and performing. On a daily basis, various toxins continue to accumulate in our body that remain trapped there for a long time. Flushing out of these toxins from our body is very crucial in maintaining our health. Calcium bentonite clay is known to have both absorptive as well as adsorptive properties. When it is drunk with pure water, it can remove all the toxic matter from our body. Extracted from a pure source, calcium bentonite clay has an alkaline pH of 9.7 that can remove acidity from our body. Another important use of calcium bentonite clay is to improve digestion. Drinking calcium bentonite clay mixed with flax seeds, prune juice and psyllium husks allow the intestines to digest food easily.

If you are looking for natural ways to detox body, you can buy calcium bentonite clay products from different companies. One such product is Living Clay Bentonite Detox that you can find online.

Author’s Bio: The writer is a blogger. This article is about healing properties of clay.