The struggle of being a programmer

The struggle of being a programmer is due to the costant need to have the answer, and to have it right now. I was talking to one of my fellow students and the fear of not knowing or not feeling close to the answer can cause serious damage.

One of the first subjects we went over the first day with the instructors was about this topic. Programmers know that 80% of the time spent in writing code and building applications will be spent looking for answers, crashing their own code and finding new ways to complete whatever it is that they’re working on.

But what if we approach the problem in a completely different way? Let’s call it Zen Programming. The best thing you can do is to focus on the process itself, tracking your progresses, motivating yourself with your goals and having fun with it (whatever that means to you, what I love to do while I code is getting into my personal bubble listening to music and sing like I was in a music video).

It can be hard to break the bad habits, especially because of the work culture we belong to, where most of the time you hate your job and the best thing you can hope for is knowing everything from the beginning, solving all the problems and getting over it as soon as possible.

Being a programmer though, requires so much of your effort that either you love it or you love it. The process of finding the answers, the challenge of creating new applications is what you should wake up in the morning for.

The final product will come.

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