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If you have an innovative idea and are ready to grow that idea into a startup business model, there are certain resources you’ll need. Any organization that’s going to be successful relies on guidance, funding, and tools to get to the next level.

Resources that are essential to success include:

· Advisors and mentors who can guide you through difficult situations based on their experience. They can work with you to help develop business plans, long-term strategies, and realistic goals.

· Networking opportunities

· Marketplace exposure

· Seed funding

· Resources and education, including fundraising, legal, human resources and more

Two of the most common entities that help others grow an organization or an individual’s idea into a business or thriving entity or the startup studio and the incubator. …

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If you’re just beginning your journey as an entrepreneur in the pre-seed startup round, competition can be fierce. It’s crucial to know how to go about gaining support so you can go from pre-seed to fully funded startup with plenty of venture capital backing your product. Read on for seven of the best tips to succeed as a pre-seed startup provided, in part, by our friends at Y-Combinator, Crunchbase & DocSend.

Pre-Seed Changes

Several years ago, pre-seed companies needed a minimal PowerPoint pitch deck and a solid idea to present. Beyond that, they required very little to secure funding for their venture. Today, things are quite different, and demands on startups in this round have risen dramatically. If you want to succeed in this arena, you’ll need to be prepared. …

At EpicAi we help founders build the future — developing, investing and advising early-stage companies. We’ve seen companies go through incredible changes being forced to adapt. Small businesses and Startups have been hit hard by mandatory state business closures required to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

There are many resources that have become available for relief including business loan deferment, eviction, and emergency funding. Particularly banks have been encouraged by the FDIC to provide assistance for both personal and business finances during these times.

As we gather updates we will share them:

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Corporate Assistance Programs

1. Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Facebook has committed to offering up to 30,000 small businesses $100 million in cash grants and Facebook advertising credits. The grants will be provided to businesses in more than 30 countries. …


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