1,000,000 X 1,000,000

We are crossing the 1 million company signups mark some time tonight. God knows how many million users we have in total — with all those unlimited licenses that we sold for self hosted Bitrix24 before we killed the unlim last August, I can only guess by taking our cloud user numbers and multiplying those by 2.

Curiously, it took us just about $1 million to develop and launch Bitrix24 in 2012. I think this calls for ‘One million by one million’ post for my Medium blog. I am already hating tomorrow, trying to imagine how much official and unofficial social media and PR bullshit we have to do for the magic million number. I wish I just woke up and NY Times or Wired came out with the headline that reads “Bitrix24 — The Biggest SaaS You’ve Never Heard About”. It still pisses me off how little attention we get in western tech media.

Make sure you say congrats tomorrow to Sergei. The man is a fucking genius.

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