Bitrix24 Is Now Free To Unlimited Users

Yes, we’ve finally done it. Bitrix24 is now absolutely free for unlimited users. This means that you can have as many people inside your free Bitrix24 account as you want. All communication and collaboration tools (activity stream, workgroups, IM and group chats, email, telephony, mobile, employee directory, company structure) will be available to everyone without any limitations, other than 5GB for online storage space allocated for free accounts.

Business tools, such as CRM, tasks, Bitrix24.Drive, and others are still limited to 12 users in free plans. You decide which users need access to business tools and whose work doesn’t require these. You are also allowed to change business tool user list once every 24 hours.

Why did we decide to give unlimited access to all Bitrix24 accounts, paid or free? The reason is you, of course. Many Bitrix24 users wanted to invite all their clients and business partners inside Bitrix24 accounts, but not everyone was ready to pay $99/mo for unlimited access.

The use of Bitrix24 by non-business entities — NGOs, associations, clubs, volunteers, communities, coops, homeowner associations, churches, alumni groups — grew rapidly over the past four years as well. These folks didn’t need CRM, Invoices, Workflow Automation and other business tools, but the 12 user limit for free accounts was too restrictive to them to take full advantage of Bitrix24. So we fixed this.

Go ahead, invite your friends, colleagues and business partners to your Bitrix24 account and twitter away the good news.

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