Whilst I am on the other side of the table as someone who runs an open source consultancy I…
Mark Hutchinson

Hi Mark!

There will always be companies that use only open source solutions as per their policy. And pretty much any vendor can boast a few marquee clients — this year Bitrix24 is going to be launched in one of the biggest banks in Europe with 300,000+ seats and one of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world (500,000+ employees with 600 subsidiaries) for example.

Your premise would have been true, had the grown of open source CRM outpaced the growth of the entire CRM segment. Not only open source CRM failed to gain any meaningful traction, leading open source solutions (to me thats SugarCRM) are dumping traditional open source model.

While I agree with you that open source CRM solutions might be fantastic and are fully capable of replacing Salesforce or Dynamics, the point was simple — being open source seem to give absolutely no advantage. Here’s a graph of Google Trends of Bitrix24 vs SuiteCRM

I am yet to find any open source CRM that would grow faster than Bitrix24, Zoho, Salesforce and others. There doesn’t seem to be any. Which to me means, that open source solutions for CRM have very, very limited appeal to the market. And that any vendor what wants to disrupt this market (which would be one of our goals), has to look for another model. This wasn’t ‘let’s just bash open source’ post.