When you get something right

We’ve experimented with a lot of different marketing pitches for Bitrix24, but the one that worked for us best was

‘Imagine Asana+Dropbox+Slack in one, but totally free. That’s Bitrix24'.

I can’t take credit for this one — this was from either ZDNet’s or Forbes review. There wasn’t Slack or Asana back then (well, they did exist, but nobody knew what they were, so the journo used Yammer and Basecamp).

Fast forward to 2017 and if you go to Basecamp pricing page, here’s what you see:

Just to be clear — not trying to imply anything. It’s a great pitch that (still) works and I am happy we stumbled upon it in 2013.

And another confirmation that we did get something right in 2012 is today’s Zoho One announcement. That was one of our big bets made and I won’t be surprised one bit if within the next few years you’ll see more and more SaaS dumping per user pricing model as well.